Workout: Count Down to Strong

This workout consists of 5 timed circuits. Each circuit gets shorter by 1 min. Complete as many rounds as possible for each circuit.

Circuit 1 – 5 mins

a) Thrusters 10x
b) Single Arm DB Clean 5x each side
c) Alternating Reverse Lunges 5x each side

Circuit 2 – 4 mins

a) Renegade Row 5x each side
b) Burpees 10x
c) Push ups 3x

Circuit 3 – 3 mins

a) Single Arm DB Snatch 5x each side
b) Long Jumps 3x

Circuit 4 – 2 mins

a) V-ups 5x
b) Plank Jacks 10x

Circuit 5 – 1 min finisher

3 step side shuffle and drop to 3 Mountain Climbers –> Jump up and 3 step side shuffle the other way and drip to 3 Mountain Climbers (repeat side to side until 1 min us up)