“When I first started working out with Jenn I wasn’t strong physically. I had 2 babies and had extra weight on too. She introduced me to a whole new life. I realized that I loved to lift! I loved seeing my body transform into this strong woman I wanted to be. Since starting with her almost 5 years ago i am in better shape than ever. She became my friend. She ran my first 5k with me. She puts her heart into it. I love Jenn for showing me my inner strength. And the thing I love most is that my healthy lifestyle is now my kids lifestyle And my fiance’s. She changed an entire family. “Jess, Mom of 2


“I met Jen in 2014 after losing 100 pounds on my own. I joined Meridian Fitness and was given a free training session so although I had absolutely NO intentions of signing up for a personal trainer it was free so I took it.  She quickly realized what I was capable of and put me through a workout that had me covered in sweat from head to toe and feeling like I had to crawl into my shower yet it was one of those rare occasions that my head was held high and I felt proud of myself.  Being someone who was always overweight and unhealthy my entire life I was easily intimidated in the gym so once I was showered I drove right back to Meridian and signed up for training sessions before I talked myself out of it.

She has been my personal trainer since then and has taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off, the proper form for many different exercises, has given countless exercise routines that I am now capable of doing on my own.  Although all of that is important to me if I really wanted to I could have probably learned that from reading books and watching videos.  Throughout my life when I got frustrated with my weight I joined weight watchers and was always temporarily successful but ended up gaining back more than I had lost.

The most important thing that Jen did for me was teaching me to believe in myself after spending my first 45 years not doing so.  I have looked at her like she has 3 heads and have said “you want me to do what???” on countless occasions and although I may not have been able to do the amt of reps she asked she motivated me to go home and practice so the next session I could say look what I can do.  Since meeting her I have accomplished things that I have never dreamed possible, learned to accept my imperfect body and see the good in it rather than hate what I see in the mirror, have bonded with my children through an active healthy lifestyle and thanks to her help and encouragement I made a ridiculously quick recovery from a broken ankle as I never gave up on myself and never went back to my old lifelong habits of stress eating and feeling sorry for myself.  She always paid attention and listened to what I was saying and was able to put me through the perfect workout that left me telling her I hate her in the best possible way!!! Those lifelong changes in me are all thanks to her and can not be learned from reading or watching videos.  Thank you for changing my life forever and believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.” Michele, Mom of 3


“I contacted Jenn back in 2010 for my first competition.  Working with her was great, she was able to give me workouts that I could fit into my busy day, I was working full time and my kids were 14 and 10.  The meal plan she put me on was easy to follow as well, if there was something i didn’t like she would find a replacement food that would work with the plan.

Jenn is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have she always gave me great feedback and encouragement.  I would recommend her to anyone at any fitness level.” Joanne, Mom of 2


“I never had to work out and eat healthy, I was always very thin; although I know now from my years of training with Jenn that proper nutrition is important regardless of your weight.  As a type one diabetic on insulin from the age of 6, I rapidly started gaining weight in my mid 30’s and found out my thyroid stopped working.  I was put on medication that made me feel better, but I was overweight and uncomfortable.  I met Jenn through a friend and I quickly learned to eat right through meal plans and was exercising regularly for the first time in my life.  I went from 164 LBS to 141 LBS of solid muscle in 6 months and I fell in love with the passion Jenn has for health and fitness.  I later gained the weight back from eating badly, high stress levels and not continuing my regular routine just because time wouldn’t allow.  I was working full time and going to school at night to obtain my Bachelor’s degree.  I continued to work out privately with Jenn because while the weight was back, everyone’s heart can appreciate a good workout.  She taught me not to beat myself up, to own the bad eating and get back on track and know that weight loss is a journey and doesn’t come easy to a type one diabetic either.  She took her personal time out to read books on diabetes so she can better train me and look out for my best interests.  I am now 42 ½, 7 months away from completing my Master’s degree and itching to get back into the gym routinely.  I met a trainer that cared about my health history (Type One Diabetic on an Insulin Pump with Thyroid Disease and Fibromyalgia), that had so much passion she never let me underestimate myself and encouraged me through the years of life’s everyday struggles to never give up.  This trainer is now my friend and I hope with my Masters in Nursing to be able to one-day help others be more conscious of their health decisions based on their food choices and exercise ability.” Christine, Type I Diabetic


“If you are looking for an inspirational, well-educated, no-nonsense fitness expert to train and advise you, look no further – Jenn Mickendrow is like the Irish Jillian Michaels of the Jersey Shore.  With a martial artist father who started her at the age of three, Jenn has fitness running through her veins and she fulfills that passion ever day, training people like me. I’ve attended Jenn’s boot camp and kickboxing classes, had private training sessions and even mini fitness retreats with her over the past few years.  Her workouts are always challenging (in a good way) and while I might sweat through multiple shirts in a given session, they were always fun and left me feeling accomplished – not defeated.  Jenn has a unique ability to design out-of-the-box workouts that are always fresh and interesting.  You also can’t find a nicer person – Jenn is supportive and dedicated to helping her clients meet their personal goals and achieve health and wellness.  In addition to training, she even designed meal plans for me and coached me to meet my personal goal of competing in a physique competition!  I couldn’t have done it without her and I’ll always remember and be proud of that. Thanks Jenn for being so awesome.” Shannon, mom of 2