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Top Running Tips from #MotherRunners

June 1, 2017

The Color Run
It’s running season! Whether you are starting up again for the year, or starting for the first time ever here is a list of Top Running Tips from Instagram’s #MotherRunners.


For beginners. Don’t stop. Running is hard. It takes everything you have and more. But it will change your life in ways you didn’t know existed. You will find strength you didn’t know you had – @redheadrunnercindy



Fit Pregnancy Running Tip: Try running sprints when running mile after mile gets tough and wear supportive gear like a good sports bra and belly band. – @fitmomrach



As  runners, we are broken down and weathered, and stretching MUST be a part of the mix. Stretching should occur after your body is warm and limber.  – @myfitfinish (See Kelli’s full list of running stretches here)


Don’t get discouraged by the first ‘wall’ you hit. When you pass that first one, you’ll be amazed how many more you can pass. – @breeruns_and_tris



My tip is to find just one thing that makes you keep going. Maybe you’re just beginning or you’ve covered many miles – find the one thing that will drive you to continue when it just seems too hard and the miles get long and lonely. In the run my mantra is to “dig deep”, it creates a nice rhythm with every step. And when I question why I run, I think of my son. In high school I had to retire from running due to knee surgery, but after many years I have found a way to begin running again. I want him to know he can do anything he puts his mind to. – @gulrock


If you are new to running, or are getting back after a hiatus start slow.  I had to take 8 months off due to a pelvic disorder during my last pregnancy and I just completed my first half marathon postpartum completely by using the interval method.  I run for 3 minutes, walk for 1.  This way I don’t burn out quickly and can sustain my energy as long as I need to.  Change the intervals to whatever works for you at the fitness level you’re at, and then change them as you improve.  There is no shame in a walking runner! – @therunningweightwatcher


My number one tip for runners (probably more toward newbies, but good for all) is to make yourself seen! If you are going to run anywhere near sunrise/sunset or when it’s all dark, get reflective gear and headlamps. Where bright clothes with reflective material. Without it, you are practically invisible!!



My tip for casual runners: Continuing to run during pregnancy isn’t only about doing something you enjoy. Studies show that exercise improves the health of mom and baby–it lessens back pain, prevents excessive weight gain, improves sleep quality, and reduces delivery complications and time spent in labor. Keeps me sane, happy and fit! -@France68


Don’t worry about your pace when you get started! The greatest thing is that you started and we are proud of you! -@ashslay_tiu



INTERVALS! I swear by them! This tip is for any skill level. Use a moderate pace paired with a push your limits pace! I always use HIIT strength/cardio workouts to train, especially during the colder seasons, because lets be honest…no one likes the Dreadmill!

– @bridgethegapworkouts


Don’t quit, no matter what, just keep moving, don’t quit.

– @livinglovingrunner


Invest in the right gear, starting with shoes. It may seem like a lot of money for a pair of shoes. But when starting out, you want the best shoe for your stride. Providing you the right cushion for what you need. Spending a little more money is worth it,  than paying for an injury. Both financially and emotionally. -@she_runs_bonk_ers



Don’t compare your body and pace to others around you. As long as you are out there running, you ARE a runner. -@jrose1128




My running tip is to get started stroller running – try planning your run to a park a mile or two away from your home. That way you can do a short run to the park, let your kids play (and you rest) and then a short run back home. It’s helps to break it up both physically and mentally.



If you are looking to improve your pace for whatever purpose, remember to enjoy the process! Running is very empowering and no matter what your goals, have fun with it! – @see_laura_run


Invest in a quality pair of running shoes by going to the local running store and talking to them about your needs and any aches or pains. Sometimes, we stick to only one brand or shoe because of habit. Getting the right pair of shoes can often be the answer to get rid of a nagging problem. – @embracethejourneys


Most people know to stretch after a run but don’t forget to do dynamic stretches before your run. Dynamic stretches help activate and warm up your running muscles. Some good pre run stretches I like: Leg Swings, Butt Kicks, Toy Soldiers, Walking Lunges -@runningmilesnmiles
Find a running program that incorporates all components of fitness (running, strength, stretching, and REST.) So many running plans have you running more and more but never touch on strength training. This can lead to injury and sometimes even weight GAIN.

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From Being Told “You’ll Never Run Again” to Boston Marathoner – One Mom’s Inspiring Come Back Story

April 14, 2017

Once upon a time I was sitting at my desk at the radio station I worked for as an advertising account executive checking my email….really I was just scrolling through reading subject lines and deleting without opening when all of a sudden one caught my eye.


It was from Nike and said something about entering yourself into the lottery for the Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I thought to myself the only way I would be running a marathon is if I was “lucky” enough to be chosen through a lottery… because I liked to run but I wasn’t THAT crazy. A marathon was 26.2 MILES and the most I ever ran in one shot was MAYBE 5….so, I entered…and 2 months later found out I got picked! Oh $h!t…looks like I better start training!


5 months of training – lots of hours hitting the pavement, the trails, the parks – it was tons of hard work and took up lots of time. This was way before kids when I, you know, actually had time to work towards this kind of goal.

This month one of the most well known races will take place – the Boston Marathon – and you can’t just get in with a little luck like me – you need to qualify…and by qualify I mean run fast as hell.


First, if I ever wanted to run another marathon again (I don’t) I can’t even imagine running fast enough to ever qualify – but even if I could HOW would I find the time to fit in all the training now being a mom?


Well, it just so happens that Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador, Steph (mom of 4!)  IS qualified for Boston and has one of the most incredible comeback stories you will ever hear.


Steph was a very competitive runner in high school (5:06 miler) and she continued her passion for running into adulthood.

But when she was 6 months pregnant with her 2nd child (son Bodie who’s now 17) she had a near fatal car accident on the way to her 6 month check-up.  Her 5 year old daughter, Paige, was with her, but was not seriously injured.

A driver had run a stop sign and hit their car. Steph injured her back, fractured her pelvis and both hips. She also went into preterm labor, but thankfully the doctors were able to stop it.


While she and her son survived, she had a long road ahead of her. Steph had back surgery after the birth of her son and lots of physical therapy. She was also told she would need to hang up her running shoes.
Active Advantage


Steph says, “I am not a quitter and when I was told I could not run again…well, it was devastating. It was just what I needed to prove I could and would run again!”

Since the accident Steph has completed 23 half marathons, 20 full marathons & 4 ultra marathons!


I had the opportunity to interview Steph about her upcoming Boston Marathon.


FMSM:  When did you qualify for Boston?

Steph: I ran a 3:48 at Mt Charleston marathon & felt pretty defeated. Instead of waiting until next year or maybe giving up,  I applied to run on Kathrine Switzer‘s team – 261 Fearless & I was accepted. She was the first woman to run the Boston marathon, when it was illegal for women to run it. The race director tried to drag her off the course, but she refused to quit. It is the 50th anniversary of that incident & she is 70 years young now…same age as my Mom. I raised $7300 for her charity, Team 261 Fearless that helps women get back on their feet, find confidence, inspiration, support & meets other needs to empower & help them through her running club.


FMSM: Being a mom of 4 – how did you find time for training?

Steph: I try & get most of my workouts in while my kiddos are at school, I am a stay home Mom & my Hubby is very supportive. I do my long runs early on Saturdays while they are sleeping or Mondays while they are at school. Life is busy, but I love showing my kids that we Moms can have goals & dreams too.

FMSM: What are you looking forward to most during this race?

Steph: I am most looking forward to the experience of the Boston marathon. I am also very excited about being part of a team of women helping other women find themselves again through running. I am extremely competitive & I always give all I have in a race, but this race is less about a PR & myself and more about something way bigger than my own aspirations. I also can’t wait to give my Momma the medal!


FMSM: What is your next fitness goal?

Steph: I am running Big Sur 10 days after Boston. I qualified for the amazing Leadville, Co 100 mile ultra race starting at 10,000 ft elevation & going up the mountain over 36 hours in August.



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