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I Thought I was a “Boy Mom” until I had my Daughter

May 13, 2017

I always wanted to be a “boy” mom. I don’t know if I thought boys were “easier” than girls or if I just feared the attitudes and drama that came along with teenage girls (speaking from experience! Right, mom and dad?) Or maybe it was because I’m not super girly and thought, if I have a daughter what if she likes hair and make up and sparkly dresses and hates sports? (Which now that I think about it, is silly because I am a girl and I was never that way!)

Anytime I saw a woman with 3 sons I always thought – “She is sooo lucky! I would love 3 boys!” It melts my heart when I see men on TV (specifically athletes) say “Hi Mom!” When they are being interviewed or the camera is on them. It’s never “Hi Dad!” “Hi Grandma” Nope…it’s always “Hi Mom!” Something about the relationship between mother and son turns me into a ball of mush…and I am not an overly emotional, soft and sensitive person.

When we got the call from the doctor my first pregnancy letting us know we were “having a boy” I literally jumped off the couch jumping up and down with excitement! I said to my husband “let’s listen to the message again!!!!” YESSS!!! I was having a boy! Thrilled is an understatement.

Fast forward 2 years to when I was pregnant again. This time I thought – ok, my son is smack middle in the toddler phase…and he’s TOUGH…is it because he’s a boy? Or because he’s a toddler? Are all boys like this? Do I really want another boy? Maybe a girl would be ok.

In comes the gender call from the doctor. “It’s a girl!” I’ll admit…I didn’t have the same excited reaction as when we found out we were having my son – but I did cry. Not out of sadness – I wasn’t sad about having a girl – I was ready to hear that.

Then one day I was in the shower and it hit me. “I’m having a girl” what does that mean? It’s bigger than hair and make up and sparkly dresses – it’s more than will she like sports and want to be active. I get to influence her to be strong, confident and independent. I get to teach her she can be and do anything she wants to. She is not the weaker sex, she is not the victim. All of a sudden I felt completely different about being a girl mom. I stopped focusing on the unimportant character traits and started focusing on the important ones…the same ones that would apply to her brother…the same ones that apply to ALL PEOPLE regardless of gender.

Over 3 months have gone by and my heart explodes every single time I look at her. I can NOT imagine life without her. I’m not a “boy mom” or a “girl mom” I’m just “mom” and I’m ok with that.

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