Strong Momma Stacey

IMG_4380First Name: Stacey
Age: 31
Children: Dylan 8, Ethan 4, Jackson 2
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: My preferred form of exercise is running. But I love a good HIIT workout. I also really enjoy strength training. And I just joined a gym and I’m excited to try some group workouts and spin.
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom or when you were a mom-to-be: In May 2015 I changed my lifestyle from sedentary to active and from eating poorly to clean eating. Since then I have lost about 100 pounds from my highest weight. My goal was to complete a half marathon in December 2015. I completed that half marathon, four more half marathons and 5 other races.
Advice for other moms or moms-to-be: It took me a while to realize that taking time for me wasn’t selfish. Moms deserve the same amount of time and energy that you put into your family. Since taking time for myself, I think I have become a happier and healthier wife and mom.

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