Strong Momma Stacey

IMG_4399First Name: Stacey
Age: 29
Children: Kailyn – 12, Aidyn – 8, Liam – 2.5
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: Running and Strength Training
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom or when you were a mom-to-be: I started running about a year and half ago. I used to run all the time about 6 years ago but nothing like I do now! I signed up for my first half December 2015 and ran it easy not knowing what to expect, I became addicted! I signed up for another half that was in March 2016 and quickly realized that I wanted to run a full marathon. The half in March also had the option for a full, so I changed my registration to the full course in February, leaving me about 3-4 weeks to train! I had two goals in mind, one was to finish, and the second was to qualify for Boston. At mile 22 I was pretty sure qualifying for Boston was gone, but at least I was still running, I hit the finish line at 3:33, my qualifying time to beat for Boston needed to be better than a 3:35! My husband and kids were there at the finish as well as my sister, I loved that my kids got to see me work for something that I wanted so bad and achieve it!
Advice for other moms or moms-to-be: Stay Flexible with your workout time! Over the last year and a half I have had to adjust my schedule for working out multiple times to fit the needs of my family! Whether its late night workouts in the playroom, or early morning runs! Don’t give up just because you have to change your schedule a little! It can be done! I have lost 30lbs in the last year and a half, all from working out at home and fitting it in to our daily lives! You have to want it! As Moms, we need something that is for us, something that makes us happy and that we can focus on, I love my running time, even if I have to take the kids with me!

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