Strong Momma Liz

image1-10First Name: Liz
Age: 30
Children: Giavana; 6 weeks old
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: Strongman and Crossfit
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom or when you were a mom-to-be: I’ve always dabbled in sports since high school. I did track and field (weightlifting/ shot put/ discus) as well as cheerleading then. In college I took on rugby and continued cheerleading. Post college I struggled to maintain a fitness regimen and ultimately gained weight. In 2013, I stumbled upon crossfit and fell in love. Since then I had lost over 30 lbs. During my pregnancy, while still being deemed overweight by my OB, I wanted to stay active and not gain any substantial amount of weight. My family and friends shared stories of the 60lb weight gain during their pregnancies and the thought of having the lose all of that postpartum seemed daunting. So I continued crossfit, strongman (first two trimesters only) and jogging up until 36 weeks. I was able to eat clean (for the most part…those cravings yikes) and only gained 16 lbs my whole pregnancy. It allowed me to bounce back quickly and to date I’ve lost the 16lbs and 8 more to boot!!
Advice for other moms or moms-to-be: My advice is simple since I’m a first time new mom. Take time out for yourself once every day. Don’t let society, family, friends or even your spouse make you feel guilty about this. I’m lucky in that my husband has been supportive 100% in helping me carve out time for myself. But I know this isn’t the case for everyone. As women, we tend to forget ourselves. Society teaches us that we must cook, clean, care for our child and now in this day and age we must return to work…all while being happy about being a mother. It’s OK not to be happy ALL the time (::gasp::) and it’s OK to ask for help. No one is perfect. Don’t forget about you and your needs. Whether it’s stealing five minutes to make a cup of coffee/tea, watching an episode of your favorite terrible reality show or working out postpartum. Don’t let society, your OB (within reason) or those around you dictate your happiness. Being a mom (esp a new first time mom) is HARD!! Everyone says it’s a beautiful experience and yes it is; but there are times that will test you. If you don’t take time out, you can lose your sense of self. Take time for YOU and those moments at 3am when you feel alone and tired won’t seem as daunting. Promise!

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