Strong Momma Lindsay

img_5224First Name: Lindsay
Age: 32
Children: Brayden-4, Daisy-3, Faelyn 4months
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: HIIT, Lifting, Water Aerobics
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom or when you were a mom-to-be: With all of my pregnancies I remained active. I have been a Water Aerobics instructor and taught during all my pregnancies!! However as my love for lifting and increased I decided to become a Personal Trainer. So after baby number 2 I did it! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, which helped me get back into shape. My most recent would be the fact that I worked out and taught my Water Aerobics class, up until the day I delivered baby number 3! Now during my postpartum journey I actually feel stronger than I did before getting pregnant!
Advice for other moms or moms-to-be: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! It’s so hard to get caught up in the idea that there is a certain way you should look, act, feel before or after having a baby. Enjoy every minute of every phase, because that’s all it is, a phase. Don’t be scared to ask for help. And always trust your mommy intuition!!!

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