Strong Momma Kaitlyn

IMG_1053Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 25
Children: Tucker, 2.5 and soon to be Bo due April 2016
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: I have fallen in love with exercising at home. I always thought I had to go to the gym for at least an hour to get a good workout, but that NEVER happened after I became a mommy. Now, I exercise completely from my living room! Cardio, Pilates, and weights are my jam.
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are proud of since become a mom: The thing I’m most proud of health wise is losing 40+ lbs after baby #1, getting my confidence back, and finally feeling like myself again. 
Advice for other moms: My advice for other moms is it’s okay to make time for your health and happiness. If that means carving out 30 minutes of time for a workout in your day, do it! If that means going out for a jog with the stroller, do it! If that means getting a babysitter once a month to have a mama’s day out, do it! Remember, you can pour from an empty cup. Don’t get so caught up in serving/helping others that you forget about yourself. If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

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