Strong Momma Jaclyn

IMG_0764First Name: Jaclyn
Age: 31
Children: Kayleigh 4 – Brynlyn 2 1/2 – Shelby 1
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: Variety! PLYOGA, Spinning, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Strength
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a mom: Maintaining a healthy weight and teaching group fitness throughout all 3 of my pregnancies, losing my baby weight in the same amount of time it took me to put on (9months) and being able to rebuild strength after each (almost back-to-back) pregnancy while chasing little ones at home!
Advice for other moms: Take time for yourself. You are worth it! You can make the time to create a fitness routine for yourself whether it’s at home or in a gym. Try to make one simple change at a time to increase your health over a longer period of time. Keep it simple, focus on great plant based nutrition and be a health and wellness role model for your entire family!

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Instagram: @JKirbs75