Strong Momma Amanda

IMG_1024First Name: Amanda
Age: 29
Children: Two boys, Maiz(6) and Eliott(1 month)
Your preferred form of exercise: I love yoga, dance fitness, spinning, weight lifting, and crossfit!
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are proud of since becoming a mom: My biggest health and fitness accomplishment since becoming a mother has to be losing 100 pounds and completing my first triathlon! I also coached youth soccer while pregnant with my second son!
Advice for other moms: My biggest piece of advice for moms would have to be to take time to get and STAY healthy. Your kids need and want you around for a long time and building a healthy lifestyle is the only way to make the most of your time with them. I also would add…don’t make the kids your excuse, there are plenty of ways to be active with your kids in tow! Strollers and babywearing for your little bitty ones and riding bikes, hiking, and playing sports(even if you’re not so great) like soccer are great ways to get in a workout and spend time with the family!

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