Real Moms Real Beauty Instagram Campaign


This project is going to require bravery, the ability to be vulnerable, and share (publicly) something OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. The purpose of this campaign is to not only bring awareness to the fact that we are ALL beautiful (even if we are in the middle of a transformation) but to also shed light on the fact that perfection DOESN’T exist but we can still be HAPPY with ourselves anyway.

As women we often speak badly to ourselves and compare ourselves to other women (or maybe even our younger, former pre-baby self.)

Here’s how it works: Choose the feature or body part you usually critique or speak badly about on yourself (Example: “I hate my thighs…they are so big and fat”) and instead write a POSITIVE statement about that feature/body part (Example: “My thighs are strong and helped me carry a baby for 9 months…they carry me through a long run or allow me to squat 200lbs” etc) Do not even refer to or write the negative statement AT ALL. Only positive statements for this project. Even if you don’t fully believe it YET the more you say it, read it, and write it the closer you will get to believing it!

Then post a photo of that feature/body part. (With your statement from above – This is the part I was talking about having to be brave and vulnerable.)

You must follow @fitmomstrongmom, TAG us in your photos and use our hash tags in your posts. (Actually tag us in the photo as well as in the post itself)


Also, in your post INVITE others to join you in the campaign by posting their own photos and positive statements. Encourage them to also TAG us in their photos and use our hashtags, because everyone who participates will be entered to WIN a Fit Mom Strong Mom Shirt! (3 winners will be chosen at random)

If you choose to participate in this campaign please EMAIL ( by March 31st. Then post your photo/statement by April 1st and beginning in April we will start “reposting” YOUR photos to OUR page. (Up to 2 ladies per day.)

As always if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!