Preparing and Adjusting to Life as a First Time Mom

As all moms know, you can never really be prepared for pregnancy and motherhood. All the books and classes and advice in the world can either scare the crap out of you or confuse the hell out of you! The best teacher is experience! Think of your first pregnancy and first child as an internship. You know nothing and you learn A LOT. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to prepare, just accept that every pregnancy and baby is different and most of what you read may be totally and utterly different from what happens to you.

IMG_2071First time mom-to-be, Lauren, shares how she is preparing for her new life as mom, while still trying to do things for herself. We hope her ideas will inspire you through your own pregnancy.

“I’m a Holistic Health Coach & Registered Yoga Teacher on the Jersey Shore. My mission is simple; I help people to “center their health” by eating nourishing foods, incorporating yoga and healthy habits into their daily life. I love working with clients one on one, couples or teenagers. I especially enjoy offering exciting health/wellness/yoga seminars to groups in an office (or corporate) setting. I have found the transition of adjusting to life as a mom the ultimate test of my yoga practice; it’s really helped me focus more on being present, check in with myself of what I need, take deep breaths more often, not take things so seriously, and to trust myself/my body completely. Every day of my pregnancy has been a bit different and changes have been constant, which has been very challenging. I truly believe that these challenges have happened for a reason to prep me for what life will be like with a baby! IMG_2611_2

The best thing that I’ve done throughout my pregnancy was take some time each day (I usually do this each morning to start my day with a fresh start) to recite an affirmation that resonates with you. My personal affirmation card that I created at the beginning of my pregnancy and still repeat each day reads:
There is a miracle happening within me.
Those around me love and support me.
I am CALM, grateful and full of LOVE.
I’m smiling with my heart, baby and whole being!
Of course as I get closer to giving birth, my affirmations are beginning to change to prep me for the big experience. I’m a huge believer in what the mind believes, the body achieves. I would encourage other moms-to-be to draft a few affirmations that feel right to them to keep them centered and positive throughout this precious time and recite them each day with confidence. This practice is a wonderful self-care practice to stay focused, free of fear, and invokes lots of love for you, those closest to you, and your growing baby – and there is nothing more healthy than LOVE!

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