Prenatal Fitness

How did I get here? Why moms?
jennnpc2009Well, naturally in the beginning as a new trainer and a competitive physique athlete, I trained mostly for the stage. Lots of cardio, double sessions in the gym training, eating a bland boring diet of chicken and asparagus out of plastic containers 5-6 times a day. I coached many of my clients to do the same – I mean it worked for me and it seemed to be working for them too! (Yeah, when you are in your 20’s and have no children or major life responsibilities and your hormones are still playing nice you can do these types of extreme things – doesn’t mean it’s good for you!) I ended up walking away from competing in physique competitions in 2009 after I realized how that way of training and dieting wasn’t healthy – I was becoming obsessed with food and would binge eat in private – there were just so many red flags I decided it wasn’t worth giving myself an eating disorder over.

For the next several years I gained more experience and knowledge about different ways to train different populations – healthier ways to approach nutrition – and had lots of success helping others achieve these results without using extreme methods.


After having my son in 2014 I became a stay at home mom and only part time personal trainer – I finished my pre/postnatal certification with OhBaby! Fitness and created my online “Fit Mom” group, Fit Mom Strong Mom. I knew I wanted this to be a business of some sort, but for now it was just a way to connect with other moms who loved fitness and wanted to be healthy and focused on raising a healthy family.

During my first pregnancy I was still working full time as the Personal Training Director at a local health club and was teaching a few group exercise classes per week –  at 5 months pregnant I ended up spraining my ankle and had to stop teaching my classes – the rest of my pregnancy I focused on prenatal yoga twice a week all the way to the end (my water broke literally an hour after my last yoga class.) I only gained 26lbs with my son and was back to my “prebaby” size within 2 weeks of giving birth, and I attributed it all to remaining active through my pregnancy.


During my second pregnancy I only trained clients part time, and focused on MY training with lifting weights twice a week with a strength and conditioning coach. I was still deadlifting, pushing weighted sleds, and hitting the battle ropes up until 33-34 weeks pregnant. With this 2nd pregnancy I only gained 24lbs and experienced ZERO back pain or hip pain the entire pregnancy and I attribute this to weight training during the majority of my pregnancy!

I honestly believe exercise is the miracle drug for everyone, not just expecting moms – however, I know from personal experience how exercising during pregnancy can and will make that challenging time much easier and more manageable. I want to help other moms experience a pain free pregnancy as much as possible by coaching them through safe exercises that can be done each trimester. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third – whether you never exercised before or you have but you just don’t know how to safely continue through pregnancy, I want to help!

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