One Mom’s Experience with Childhood Bullying Inspires her to Start a Revolution! #BIGGERTHANTHEBULLY

We all have experienced bullying in some form or another throughout our lives. Some people handle it well where it doesn’t affect them much at all, while others are deeply scarred by it and it follows them into adulthood…causes depression or even worse. Children now are not only bullied on the playground and in school but over social media – and IT’S NOT OK.

As parents the last thing we want is for our children to be bullied – to be made to feel inferior to their peers. The best thing we can do as adults is set an example.

11133848_715803008543021_838317049231707860_nMeet Fit Mom – Danielle Reinhardt. This mom is on a mission – a mission to END bullying. Through her own experience being bullied as a child she has started the “Bigger Than the Bully Campaign“. Fit Mom Strong Mom had the pleasure of interviewing Danielle about her mission.

FMSM: What inspired you to start the bigger than the bully campaign?

Danielle: I wanted this campaign to be a shoulder for someone who doesn’t feel loved, because they are bullied. Whether it be social media, family abuse, physical or mental abuse. We support them all! Throughout my childhood I was bullied because of a scar I have on my lip from a terrible accident when I was 2. I than gained a lot of weight and was bullied almost my entire life because of these things. If I didn’t have the love from my family, I would have attempted suicide. 7 Billion people are in this world. Every 40 seconds someone kills themselves. This campaign is here to try to at least get 1 person not to.

FMSM: How do you bring awareness to bullying?

Danielle: Currently we have been at the Spartan Races hash tagging supporters arms #biggerthanthebully. We hope and pray that our campaign will trend so that we could gain major supporters that could take us to a whole other level to create awareness and save lives. While our ambition & ideas are bright, it takes donations from supporters to make this happen on a large scale. We campaign every weekend.11011103_750899448366710_5578778224326299453_n
My final goal will be to get a law passed so that people have rights when being bullied.
*BOSTON — The Massachusetts House voted to update its anti-bullying law to add new reporting requirements and to recognize that certain categories of youth are more vulnerable to bullying in 2014. See here Boston passes law …  Only 10 states have currently passed this law. We will fight for it to be across the US.

FMSM: How do you support and inspire others who have been or are currently bullied?

Danielle: By sharing my story. Knowing someone is going through something you have or has felt that pain and loss of wanting to end your life, and seeing them come out on top, or overcome a bad situation, gives hope. We are currently in search of a suicide team – we are looking for people to donate time or money for this outlet of our campaign. We are in our first year of our Non Profit Organization. We have so many beautiful things in our future.

FMSM: Speaking of the future, what future plans do you have for Bigger than the Bully?

Danielle: We have come so far in a short time, our campaign grows daily because the outreach has obtained nationwide status through Facebook and The Reebok Spartan. This year we plan on participating & campaigning at local events and Special Needs Spartan Races, Kids Spartan Races and Adult Spartan Races as much as possible. You would be surprised how many people have been bullied and use that as motivation to run these races. It is so great to be a part of this organization and Family.
11698667_742608099195845_2886215908855607231_nWe have a mascot. Bigger than the bully Bear (my sons idea)!! He is getting ready to make his debut. He is the face of this campaign! He will hand out little Bigger than the Bully bears to children at the Kids Spartan Races and local events. It gives them a little piece of us to snuggle with if they are having a bad day. These little guys have been a big hit with children and adults. I can’t wait until our Mascot makes his debut this year and gets to hand these out versus my campaign staff. We are all so excited this is happening!

Future events:
We have in production a Family 5K this October (Anti Bullying Awareness Month –  Details to come)
I will be speaking at the Bucks County Community College October 2015. (Date to be determined)

FMSM: How can people get involved or get more information on your campaign?

Danielle: We currently are on social media. Which has been wonderful for this campaign!!
Go Fund Me:

FMSM: Thanks for sharing with us, Danielle!

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