Mom of Twins Gives up her Career as a Lawyer to Focus on Fitness and Family

unnamed-15Hello! My name is Bridget Riepl and I am 32 years old. I have 2 kids-Sadie and Patrick and they turned 3 on June 1, 2015. I am a yoga teacher at Evenflow Yoga in Red Bank, NJ and I am a fit coach through Beachbody, although I used to be a lawyer. This is my story.

Life Before & During Pregnancy

I started doing yoga during college but I REALLY got into it during law school. During the second semester of law school I started to wonder if “lawyer” was the right career path for me. I was worrying about EVERYTHING, so yoga became a sanctuary for me. No matter how anxious I felt, I could find peace on a yoga mat. Back then I could barely touch my toes, so it certainly wasn’t about turning up the heat or building a beautiful, dynamic practice that I could someday share on Instagram. It was about tuning out my inner critic for 60 or 90 minutes a day and it was the greatest gift I could give myself!unnamed-17

When I started teaching yoga 5 years ago, it was my passion but I was SERIOUSLY squeezing it in between depositions and settlement conferences (insert other lawyer-ish tasks here). Fast forward to the day I was put on bedrest, only 4 1/2 months into my pregnancy. My entire world came to a screeching halt. The only consistency was my husband leaving for work in the morning and coming home at night. My meetings, my practices, my teachings-none of it was an option. My only choice was to lay in bed and HOPE that my babies would stay put until it was safe for them to come on out and meet us.

In retrospect, bed rest was a blessing. it gave me time to focus and figure out who I was and what I needed to do for myself and my family. My mind shifted from making money to finding fulfillment. Bedrest made me aware. I had in many ways met my edge emotionally and physically, so I look back on those 4 months I spent in bed as a priceless opportunity to recognize my capacity for that vital and mysterious human quality known as resilience. Sally Kempton teaches that resilience is essential; without a basic supply of it, none of us would survive the accumulated losses, transitions, and heartbreaks that thread their way through even the most privileged human life. I had A LOT of time to think about work, family, yoga, life. Profound and basic questions kept arising: Who am I? Can I really do this?

unnamed-18My husband and I talked and I was grateful to know that we were in agreement. My lifestyle needed to slow down and I needed to be there to raise our family. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. it would take flexibility, open-mindedness, creativity, compassion, flexibility (on the yoga mat and off!) and a sense of humor. But we were going to make it work. So really, I started my transition to being a “fit mom” a few months before my kids came into this world!

Life Now

My greatest fitness accomplishment since having the twins was becoming a Lululemon ambassador.  Back when I first started teaching yoga, I never dreamed that I would be recognized as a leader in my community. Lululemon supports a community of driven athletes and amazing individuals who harness lululemon’s passion to elevate the world. That’s pretty major in my book and I was grateful and humbled that people think of me that way!unnamed-16

After years of doing yoga, yoga and more yoga, I was skeptical about adding something with weights and jumping jacks into my life. I just didn’t think it would work for me, my body or my yogic intention of moving and speaking precisely with strength and grace. My best friend from law school and my success partner as a Beachbody Coach (so I guess law school did help me out on my career path!) got me into Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix this past year, after A LOT of convincing.

I finally gave in when I saw a picture of her on the beach, surrounded by her four kids. It wasn’t just her abs and arms that struck me (although I was in awe!) it was her skin, hair and smile. I could see that she was wide awake, healthy and strong. Being a twin mommy is equal parts amazing, exciting, challenging and exhausting. Basically, I haven’t slept since early 2012. I know that sounds dramatic but in terms of 6 to 8 hours a night-it’s true. I haven’t seen 6 hours consistently since before February 2012, when I was put on bed rest! So in a moment of intrigue and desperation, I placed an order for a challenge pack, with Shakeology. I figured, if I am going to do the workouts I might as well try the whole program. With regard to the shakes, I needed to know: Was there FINALLY a shake in this world that would delight my taste buds, help me achieve my health and fitness goals without deprivation, give me more exciting breakfast and lunch options, and fill me up for more than 45 minutes??

Shakeology has done all that and more! I won’t go into a crazy amount of details here-but trust that the shakes have become the foundation of my fitness and nutrition efforts. Plus they keep me motivated and focused, which every mommy needs to be!

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