Miracle Baby Confirms Just How Strong One Mom Could Be

photo 1Becoming a mom for the first time is both an exciting and scary time in your life. You want to do the best you can during those 40 weeks to keep both you and your unborn baby safe and healthy, but sometimes no matter how perfectly you eat and rest and exercise during pregnancy, things don’t go as you expect. This is real life.

Meet Strong Momma, Gena. This mom of 2 had a huge obstacle up against her after her first child was born. She was nice enough to share her story with Fit Mom Strong Mom in hopes of giving hope to and inspiring other moms out there who might be going through a challenging and unexpected circumstance.

“Having been blessed with two children is the best gift a God could give me! My pregnancies were completely different. My second one was a “boring” pregnancy compared to my first. Everyone laughs when I say boring because what I went through with my first was no joke! It was probably the biggest emotional roller coaster ride that I have ever been on in my life.photo 2

I found out at a routine ultrasound that my baby had a rare defect called a Giant Omphalocele. That is when the organs form on the outside of the body and are protected by a thin membrane. It causes the lungs to be extra small because they have no muscle to grow. The doctors told us that our baby’s membrane had burst causing my daughter to have a 3 percent chance of surviving. All sorts of “options” were thrown at me, but my decision was made and all I wanted to do was give her a chance. No one can “play God” so, I just had to give this to God and know that I am in good hands with him.

I had all of my care done in the best hospital in the best hospital around and I was to deliver there as well. I was told to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. My daughter was born 6 weeks early with a super thin thin membrane that was undetectable on the ultrasound! That changed her chances of surviving big time! She still had issues with breathing so she was intimated and placed on a ventilator. I wasn’t able to hold her until she was three weeks old, but I was at her bedside every single day talking, singing, touching, reading, pumping, basically whatever I could do to “bond” with her. I know it’s not what you read in all the baby books about bonding but In my situation I made my own way of bonding and let me tell you it worked! FullSizeRender

We spent 9 1/2 months in the NICU. I could write a book. We had our ups and downs, our cries, scares, and laughs. We made friendships that will last a lifetime and shared moments with the staff and other families that no one will ever understand or feel unless you have been in our shoes. After 9 1/2 months of going through the scariest time of my life my daughter got discharged to go home! We were going home!! She was going home on a ventilator, trach, feeding tube, pulse ox, oxygen, and a homecare nurse but we didn’t care because that to us was our normal and we could wake up and walk into our daughters room and say “good morning” without driving an hour to see her! Yes, we had a mini ICU in our house but who cares! We made it work!

Now here we are two years later and my daughter beat all of the odds! As I am writing this I am waiting patiently for he doctors to decannulate her ( that means taking her trach out) something we were told might never happen! It’s a huge deal! She wasn’t able to breathe on her own and now they are taking her artificial airway out because she can breath on her own!!! My Emma is one of the strongest human beings I know!photo 5

Being positive and strong for your children in so important! They thrive off of it and it’s living proof with my baby!! Emma’s journey isn’t over yet but getting her trach out is a HUGE step!!! Things are just going to get better and better with her! She amazes me as well as others every single day! Always go with your gut because you are usually right! I knew she would be a fighter and each time I look at her, I thank God.”

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  • Reply Gary finn August 29, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    What about the father I do believe he was involved

    • Reply fitnessjenn2 September 8, 2015 at 8:48 pm

      You are right Gary! This was certainly a difficult time for both mom and dad.

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