March Ambassador Facebook Takeover

IMG_1030Ok, ladies – Here are the guidelines for the March Facebook Takeover! I can’t stress enough how important it will be to PRE-PLAN your posts.

– We will post UP TO 3 posts/photos/videos (shared morning, mid-day, and evening)
–  Posts must be motivational, inspiring, educational, or a recipe/workout
– We WILL NOT be sharing any posts regarding selling, promoting products, or recruitment to join your team/challenge group
– We will select random posts, videos, or photos from your Facebook and/or Instagram that compliment the Fit Mom Strong Mom message and share it to the FMSM FB Page UNLESS you specifically let us know the content/posts/videos you would like shared. If you don’t have a Facebook “like” page please make sure the posts on your personal page/Instagram are set to “public” so they can be shared OR email us the content you want shared (we must receive this email at least 3 days prior to your scheduled take over date. Failure to do so may result in less than 3 posts being shared.)
– Please be prepared ahead of time for your scheduled day. You have anywhere from 2-6 weeks (depending on your scheduled day) to prepare good, inspiring content for the FMSM community.
– Finally, don’t forget to let your friends, family, followers, and fans know about your take over!

Here’s the schedule:

March 2 – Lyzette @ly2ard_fitness

March 3 – Nancy @lilfancynancy

March 4 – KiKi @kiki_lia_625

March 5 – Jaime @1momjourney2fit

March 6 – Gena @firefitnessmomma

March 7 – Kaitlyn @kaitlynmilby

March 8 – Nina @be_fit_momx2

March 9 – Kayla @kaylarue_fit

March 10 – Tracy @baconator39

March 11 – Tramaine @fitfaithwalk

March 12 – Jaclyn E @jkirbs75

March 13 – Danielle @danielle_bttbully

March 14 – Caleh @caleh_fit

March 15 – Samantha @samjoshinn

March 16 – Tara @tarafitnessjourney

March 17 – Alexandra @alexandra_feszko

March 18 – Gina @gcheer33

March 19 – Lauren @centeryourhealth

March 20 – Taryn @tschwrz

March 21 – Jaclyn T @identityundecided

March 22 – Rachael @rachaelnovellofitness

March 23 – Mary @sproutnblossom

March 24 – Sara @strongmomcolorado

March 25 – Amanda @chewgoodfood