Fit Mom Turns Passion for Fitness into the Next Fitness Craze

DSCN0873I was working as the Personal Training Director at a health club when I met Stephanie Lauren, creator of PLYOGA Fitness. She was super passionate about sharing her new style of workout with the world and was meeting with health club and gym owners and group exercise directors to try to get her program into their facilities, as well as certify anyone interested in teaching this new format. I was lucky enough to take one of the first Master Classes taught by Miss Stephanie and let me tell you…it was awesome! We stayed connected via social media and email and I have watched her grow her business into something great as she is now traveling the country certifying fitness professionals in PLYOGA. Of course I thought of Stephanie immediately to be featured on Fit Mom Strong Mom to show all moms that if you have a passion for fitness, you can turn it into a successful business if you really believe in yourself and put in the hard work.

FMSM: How did you come up with the concept of PLYOGA?
Stephanie: The concept of PLYOGA was born from 2 realizations as a former NCAA Division I, 2-Sport Athlete. I was a lifelong competitive gymnast and track & field athlete with current high school and collegiate records. Through years and years of discipline, self motivation, and a unique inner drive along with intense body weight training through gymnastics, my overall physical fitness and physique were always at an extremely high level. After college (aka divorce from gymnastics), I had to find a new way of conditioning and fitness for myself to maintain what I had built and worked so hard for, which took me into the gym environment, where I became very interested in weight training and intense fitness classes. Through my own personal training for maximal results using a variety of core-centered and body weight exercises as an ACTIVE RECOVERY with weight training as well as the realization that there is a MISSING LINK for athletes: YOGA, I came up with a system to marry two of the most fundamental disciplines in fitness: PLYOMETRICS & YOGA.JAP_7363

FMSM: Who can do PLYOGA? What do you say to women who tell you, “Stephanie, I don’t look like you so I could never do this workout!”
Stephanie: Who can do PLYOGA? Well, pretty much anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level, whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete. PLYOGA offers modifications for all of the Plyometric movements, so those that can’t jump, have a nagging old injury which limits the range of motion, or simply doesn’t have the power to do an exercise at its fullest can take it down a notch and still gain the benefits from the workout. PLYOGA has been designed from an athletic standpoint, for sure, in order to deliver results from all aspects of fitness. The workout is challenging, intense at times, explosive yet achievable for all fitness levels. If you have the right mindset, it doesn’t matter what you look like; PLYOGA is for YOU! *Find Your Inner Athlete” with PLYOGA!

FMSM: What are your future plans for PLYOGA? Will you be developing an at-home program with DVDs?
Stephanie: At this time, PLYOGA’s team of trainers consists of a couple hundred awesome fitness professionals, represented in 14 states in the U.S. and 2 provinces in Canada. PLYOGA is an international continuing education provider for ACE, AFAA, and CanFitPro in Canada. We plan to be a worldwide fitness system recognized by the fitness community with thousands of trainers around the world! By late fall, there will be an at-home DVD series available for purchase by any exercise enthusiast or fitness professional! PLYOGA will also branch off with the addition of new certification programs that will definitely excite the fitness community.

stephanieFMSM: If a fit mom reading this interview wants to become certified in PLYOGA, what does she have to do? Does she need any other certifications prior to getting certified with you? (CPR, Group Exercise/personal training, yoga?)
Stephanie: If a fit mom would like to get certified in PLYOGA, she is invited and highly encouraged to take the plunge and join the fast-growing team! At this time, there is no specific prerequisite to become certified in PLYOGA. A Group Exercise certification of some sort and/or Personal Trainer Certification is highly recommended (ACE or AFAA preferred) and will be required in most cases if one plans to teach in a reputable gym or fitness studio. If a fit mom holds a Yoga certification and is open to other formats, PLYOGA would love to have them on the team!

FMSM: Thanks, Stephanie!

Be sure to check out their website, for more information or to sign up for their next certification class!

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