Fit Dad Frank

IMG_9841(Nominated by his wife, Sheena)
First Name: Frank
Age: 32
Children: Frankie 12, Lia 11, Noah 6
Your Preferred Form of Exercise: Mountain/trail running, log carries, climbing. He also loves to go to the gym with his friends and lift weights and play around with our kids
Health and Fitness Accomplishment you are Proud of since becoming a dad: It will be finishing his first Spartan trifecta 1 day before his 33rd birthday (November 14th this year), managing to schedule a family Spartan race which included my mother and I running our first race together thanks to him. I’d also say he’s very proud of coaching our daughters softball team into two consecutive championship wins.
Advice for other dads: I know that if he could give advice himself he’d say there’s nothing more important than being present for your children and raising them to be healthy, active and confident children and the best way to do that is to give them just that in a role model.  He always makes time to make our children first priority and he works harder than anyone I know to give them everything they need.

You can continue to follow Frank @speed_strength_fitness on Instagram!

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