First Annual 12 Days of "Fit-mas"/8 Days and 8 Nights of Fitness Fun FREE Workout Pack!


Now is the time of year when schedules get crazy, right? This party, that party, food, food, snacks, shopping, presents, wrapping, etc on a 24-7 loop for like the whole month of December…am I lying?!?

There are so many fitness challenge groups out there right now promising to help you “lose weight” over the holidays or whatever – but, do any of them promise to help you keep your sanity?

Why sign up for a program promising to help you lose weight or “stay on track” during the holidays, when in reality you will most likely a) be miserable because you avoid eating the fun Christmas cookies your mom/aunt/grandma/sister makes JUST ONCE A YEAR and resent everyone else who does enjoy them or b) you say “screw it!” and eat half the tin of cookies, abandoning the previously mentioned workout plan – feeling glutinous, guilty and hating yourself for “failing” when in reality what you SHOULD be doing is enjoying your family and friends and food (even if it is cookies!)

The 12 Days of “Fit-mas” and 8 Days/8 Nights of Fitness Fun presented by Fit Mom Strong Mom is a FREE Workout Pack designed to give you a 5-15 minute Fitness Fun Break from the hustle and bustle. No weight loss is promised – and there is no nutrition plan involved – these are 5-15 minute workouts intended for you (and the whole family) to get your bodies moving, release some “happy hormones” and keep the stress away!

The 12 Days of Fit-mas runs from Monday, Dec 12th to Friday, Dec 23rd and includes ONE workout each day.

The 8 Days/8 Nights of Fitness Fun runs from Saturday, Dec 24th to Saturday, Dec 31st and includes TWO workouts each day (one AM and one PM)

Sign up HERE and receive BOTH workouts to your INBOX and don’t forget to JOIN the Private Facebook group for extra support, accountability and to see videos of the exercises and be able to ask questions!