Fertility Issues – One Couple’s Story

IMG_9332When a couple decides they want to have a baby, often they underestimate how long the process can actually take. Some people are lucky and conceive on the first or second try…while other couples have to try for months and months and sometimes even years. It can turn into a very stressful and depressing time in a couples lives. Often times the woman is looked at as the one who is the cause of the problem…when in actuality is may not be her at all, but her partner that is the problem. Ladies, if you and your husband have been trying to have a baby for a long time without any success, it is worth having your partner checked for everything from sperm count to sperm potency. You may be surprised at what you find out and how easy of a problem it may be to fix.

Meet Strong Momma, Danielle – She and her husband were in the above situation, and now are the happy parents of 2 beautiful children. Here is their story:IMG_9336

“It took us only a few months to conceive once we figured out the problem. But it took over a year and a half for us to find out what the problem was. My husband is a bodybuilding competitor and used supplements throughout our life to increase his muscle growth. Little did we know that these supplements caused his body to stop producing testosterone naturally. It was something we had never even considered. We were told we would never conceive our own children. He had a zero sperm count when we went to a fertility specialist. We ended up seeing a urologist who gave my husband natural testosterone treatments to help his body begin to produce testosterone naturally again. Within a few months of the injections we conceived our son. Our family is truly a miracle, we saw so many different specialists and were told the problem would never be fixed. One kind urologist helped resolve the issues and helped us to begin our family. We are forever grateful.

IMG_9333After ongoing fertility issues my husband I were ecstatic to conceive naturally, but we were also really scared. I feel like I gained so much weight with my first born because I was deathly afraid of losing the pregnancy. I had wanted this baby so much that I feared for everything. I ate what I wanted, and exercised less. I still worked out up until the day I was scheduled for my induction but not nearly as hard as I could have. I was just scared. Breastfeeding and weight lifting helped bring me back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but 8 short months after the birth of my son I found out I was pregnant, with my daughter! Surprise, surprise! During my second pregnancy I made better food choices and stayed quite active considering I was chasing a 1 year old around, and continued to lift weights. I proudly gained 25lbs with my darling daughter. I’ve spent the last year getting back into shape, and am proud to say I’m in the best shape of my life all the while toting around two of the sweetest toddlers.IMG_9334

I know Fit Mom Strong Mom is about fit moms, but with fit moms usually come fit dads and I think generally people assume fertility issues begin with the woman. I know that was our assumption as well. If our story helps someone else I would be so happy. I wish I had more supportive stories around when we were struggling!”

Any strong mommas who may be going through this same or similar situation can reach out to Danielle on Instagram @chroniclesofafitmommy or at her blog: Chronicles of a Fit Mommy

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