Don’t Give Up on You – Moms Can Have Big Dreams and Big Goals Too

11748547_10100352657369060_931876383_nStrong Momma, Kristen knows a thing or two about setting and achieving BIG goals! Not only is she a mom and wife, but she works full time, is a gym owner, and an elite CrossFit athlete. She shares why it is so important to still have goals and dreams after becoming a mom, and although it might not be easy, that it’s totally worth it.

“There is a lot of backlash on being a mom and an athlete; throw in a career and it gives people a reason to judge your every move. People don’t understand what it is like to have a passion for something. Sometimes I feel like as a mom, my life is expected to end. Fortunately in my life, my parents raised me to believe that if I work hard for something that I can achieve or obtain it. My entire life I have worked very hard. Nothing ever came easy for me; my grades, my athletic accomplishments, my jobs and my career have always been hard work paying off.

My husband is the most supportive man and I am so lucky that he puts 11748732_10100352657299200_173741239_nme high upon a pedestal yet keeps me grounded and our daughter is the cutest little “mini-me” on two legs. She loves to be at the gym on most nights and get her chance to work out and do her burpees and squats. As a mom, athlete and coach, those nights make my life complete. Without the constant support of my husband Chris and Kylee, I would not be able to do half of what I do.

CrossFit began in my family so I could lose the insane amount of baby weight that I put on while being pregnant. With my soccer and track background and my love for competition, I became quite good at CrossFit relatively quickly and the more work I put in and the more I studied movements, bodies and the sport as a whole, the better I became. Chris supported my decision to get fit and healthy and continued support through competitive dreams.

11748607_10100352657304190_1009697993_nNow that you know a little about me, let me tell you my thoughts on the big picture. If it were easy there would be a lot more fit people in the world. It is hard. I will not sugar coat it and make it sound like life is always rainbows and kisses. It is not. But in my opinion the worst thing for my daughter to see would be for her mom to stop dreaming big. We are the heros that our children look up to. Make your day longer by getting up early, make your child bear witness to your athletic struggles and give you a high five when you hit that overdue personal record. There is nothing sweeter. And if you have the support of someone special like I have with my husband, it makes life feel effortless even if only for the moment.”

Stronger, Faster, Better

Coach Kristen

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