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Breast Cancer Surviver Shares her Story

October 24, 2017

October is breast cancer awareness month, and while having a whole month dedicated to teaching, learning, and getting ourselves checked is great – there are still 11 other months of the year where self checks are JUST as important.

Since launching Fit Mom Strong Mom I have “met” some of the most amazing women from around the world – many who have been through some of the hardest and most challenging times. These women are moms, wives, business owners – they all love fitness – they all have a story.

The following interview is with Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador, Lisa Marquez – Breast Cancer SURVIVOR who so open and honestly shared her story with me, in hopes that we can help, educate, and inspire other moms on this very important topic.

FMSM: Can you share when the first time you thought there might be a problem and how you knew you needed further testing? Was it through a self breast exam? Was it at a doctor visit? How old were you?

LM: I had NO idea –  none whatsoever, that I had breast cancer! No pain, no redness. Nothing. It was crazy how I found it! Bear with me.

So, Back in 2012, (my last amazing running year) I had a groin injury/lower abdomen pain which for the next year and half went without diagnosis. Doctors could not pin point what was wrong with me, only guess, because even on my MRI’s, nothing showed.

Finally, (jump to February 2014) after trying everything (including rest), I saw yet another doctor who said that clinically I was showing all the signs for a sports hernia. He recommended a laparoscopic surgery to go in and see wth was going on. At this point, I was desperate and agreed.

This photo is that time I went to get my hair chopped off to prepare for losing it in just a few short weeks

The night before this surgery, I was lying in bed and said to my husband, totally joking, “What if they open me up and its cancer!?” He said, “Is that how you think!?!” lol. I was like, “well shoot, who knows at this point!” Anyway, in that moment, I said well, let me do a self check and that’s when I found the lump! My husband said, “Don’t go freaking out!” I wasn’t freaking out at all -I was simply annoyed that I had to, yet again, deal with another issue ( that I didn’t think would lead to anything).  All I wanted was to run pain free again.

A week after my surgery (which it turns out I had a tear in my abdomen) I went to my OB/GYN to get the lump checked. She said it was probably nothing, but lets get it checked anyway.

On February 10th, I went in for my first ever mammogram and ultrasound. Ouch! I knew as I laid on the table for the ultrasound, that something was wrong. I felt it in my gut. They immediately read my results and the radiologist came in and said “I’m highly concerned it’s breast cancer.” I was 39 years old.

FMSM: Do you have any family history or were you the first in your family to experience this?

LM: No family history…I was the first. 

FMSM: Can you walk me through the process of treatment? Were you given options? How did you cope with it? (Running? Praying? Support group? Spreading awareness?)

LM:Everyone’s treatment process is different depending on the cancer and size. My tumor was 7 cm, which is pretty big, so the doctor recommended doing chemo first to shrink it as much as possible, then do surgery to have whatever was left, removed.

August 2014 – Having some fun, but scared $h!tless

That is exactly what I did, but  let me say this…you ALWAYS have options and don’t ever let a doctor tell you other wise. Do your research. In the beginning, it was so new and unfamiliar, that I mostly put my trust in my doctors. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent oncologist, but I interviewed/visited a couple of facilities before deciding on this doctor/facility.

So my process went like this:
a. mammogram/ulstrasound
b. biopsy (results 2 days later confirming breast cancer)
c. Oncology doctor to discuss options. 
d. cut my hair shorter into a bob
e. find a wig
f. Chemo- 5 months from March until July
g. August-Surgery to remove last little bit of tumor and to get expanders (to stretch skin for implants…I opted for full bilateral mastectomy removing about 98% of my breast tissue)
h. Then Surgery again in October to get actual implants.
i. December/January- Radiation for 6 weeks. 
Finally I was done. 

2014 – Right after my husband and kids helped me shave my head for the first time


Everyday what got me through this was the simple phrase I said to myself, “At least cancer happened to me and not my children.” I’m in tears now. It’s still so difficult for me to talk about. I would take this on again and again if it meant it was me and not my babies! 

FMSM: How has life changed for you since?

LM:I found a stronger version of me. Cancer literally stripped me down to nothing. It’s quite humbling. You think you know yourself, but then I realized I didn’t at all. I learned a lot about myself during this time and while it was such a tough time, in a way I think, this was my path to the me that I am now. I was so fragile and vulnerable post cancer –  I was an emotional mess and had to work everyday to rebuild myself and find my way again. 

Now, I try to spread awareness by sharing bits of my story on Instagram. I know there is something “more” I want to do – something bigger to spread awareness – but it hasn’t come together yet. I know it will in its right time. 

FMSM: What advice can you offer women about how important breast health is? What advice can you offer someone newly diagnosed? Someone currently going through treatment?

LM:The best thing you can do is to just check yourself at least once a month. Do it in the shower, or when you lay down to go to sleep. Check Instagram again before going to bed (you know you do it! lol) and then check those boobies! 

If you’re newly diagnosed, try to stay calm until you get all the details. I know it will be hard, but once you have a plan, you will fall into “fight” mode. It can all be overwhelming at first. So much terminology and so much to take in, so what I recommend for this is to buy yourself a little notebook and document EVERYTHING. I would write the date and take notes on how I felt and I would document all of my doctors visits and what they told me. I made  a separate section for Q&A for my doctors or things I wanted to research. You will forget things so I feel this is SO important. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. After cancer, I was able to help a friend, newly diagnosed, (who I’ve yet to meet) because I was able to reference my notes. 

FMSM: Please share something exciting going on with you now! Anything! Brag away! ANYTHING!

LM:Well, the biggest most exciting thing for me right now is my new business ( To have finally made this dream come true has been so rewarding! I don’t know how many times I’ve talked myself out of starting, but I finally said “If not now, then when!?!” Life really is too short and can be snatched away from you in the blink of an eye, so, take the time to snatch up your goals and dreams NOW. The minute I said YES, it was SUCCESS in my book. 

Remember, Life can be as exciting as you make it, so find something to be excited about each day!

Lisa Marquez, Breast Cancer Survivor

If you would like to connect with Lisa you can find her here: (business)
Twitter: (personal)

Virtual 5k Cupcake Run & Cake Walk to raise funds for Special Olympics NJ

October 19, 2017

Registration for the first EVER VIRTUAL RUN hosted by Fit Mom Strong Mom and Lizziecakes Custom Creations is NOW OPEN!

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to host a road race. In college I was on the Student Entertainment Council where we put together all of the major entertainment events and activities for the campus – For a few years I worked in advertising and marketing at a radio station where we hosted numerous events from expos to concerts. Having a background in cross country, track and field and Obstacle Course Races I’ve participated in a number of events and always thought it would be so fun to put something like that together – and attach it to a good cause.

Every year for the last 7 years this crazy girl jumps into freezing cold water for the Polar Plunge in order to raise funds for Special Olympics New Jersey – (if you know me, you know I don’t even go in the ocean when it’s 100 degrees out so the least I could do was help her raise funds since I’m a big fat baby when it comes to the ocean!)

Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador Liz Demato (LizzieCakes) first came into contact with SONJ the summer of 2008 when she was able to witness firsthand how sports positively impacted three children with autism that she had been treating. In collaboration with a football coach who donated his time to the day program she was working at, she witnessed how becoming engaged in football drills, soccer games and even dodge ball, translated over to the classroom. The children exhibited more focus, motivation and overall had a better sense of pride in themselves. She decided to raise money for SONJ upon hearing that the organization solely survived on donations. She has been participating in the Polar Bear Plunge and has raised over $15,000 since 2011 with her team Chilly Willies.

How does it work?

Register and complete your run/walk anytime between October 1st-December 22nd. This is a virtual event, meaning you can do your run/walk anywhere you want! Outdoors at a park, along the boardwalk at the ocean, in the trails, or on the treadmill at the gym! Proceeds from this Virtual event will be benefiting the Special Olympics of New Jersey. All participants will get a freaking ADORABLE medal (just wait until you see this thing!!!) ANNNND there WILL be a few prize categories as well!

Prizes? Did you say Prizes?

Yes! Here are the categories where prizes will be awarded:

  1. One winner who posts their after “race” photo on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #FMSMVirtualRun. Please make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your submission – or you can post it directly to the Fit Mom Strong Mom Facebook page wall.
  2. One winner who refers the most people to the virtual event. Simply ask your friends and family to include your name in the “Referred by” field on the registration form.

*Prizes will include a gift card and Fit Mom Strong Mom Apparel – prizes are subject to change without notice based on availability. Thank you for understanding.

What now?

Sign up! We are ready to support you through your training and can’t wait to see your post run photos! Run/Walk solo, grab a friend, or start a group! The more the merrier! Thanks to donors like you, more than 25,000 SONJ athletes will continue to have opportunities to participate in year round sports!

You will be asked to create a user name a password during registration. This username and password will grant you access to the Event Info page which will include free training tips and facts about Special Olympics New Jersey.

Fitness Motherhood

Time Saving Health and Fitness Hacks for Busy Moms

October 3, 2017

I had you at “time saving,” didn’t I? Time is a very valuable asset and as moms we don’t have as much time now as we did before kids so everything we do needs to be efficient and effective.

And since I know you don’t have much time I’ll get right to it. Here are my time-saving health & fitness hacks that I use all the time.

Crock pot chicken

Who has time to meal prep? I mean, some people love it – but I’d rather NOT spend 2-3 hours cooking and packing meals on Sunday when I could be doing something else. Buuuutttt…I still want to prep SOMETHING to be semi prepared for the week so I throw some chicken breasts in the crockpot with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little chicken stock and let it cook for 3-4 hours while I go do something else. Once it’s done I shred it and now I have chicken for lunch and dinner all week.

I can throw it into a salad, a wrap, or rice and veggie bowl. Weekday lunches and dinners in under 20 mins.

Pre-cut produce

Ok, so this might not be the most budget friendly option, but we’re talking about saving time here, not money – and time is money.

I find when I buy fruits and veggies that need to be cleaned and chopped they are more likely to sit in the fridge until they go bad and I throw them out – so really they might be cheaper than pre-cut, but if I’m throwing them out it’s not really saving me any money.

Pre Cut produce are washed and ready to go – so, will I pay an extra $2-$5 to save myself time to do something else? Yes.

Do compound exercises and work big muscle groups when strapped for time

Sometimes (ok most of the time?) us moms don’t have a ton of time to workout. Often we have 20 or 30 mins a few times a week to exercise between EVERYTHING ELSE we have to do.

Don’t waste your time with bicep curls, dips, and crunches. Yes, everyone wants “toned” arms (I hate that word, by the way) and a flat stomach but when you have only 20 mins how many calories do you think you are going to burn doing the previously mentioned exercises? Do you get out of breath and does your heart rate spike during them? It’s unlikely.

When strapped for time combine movements or do exercises that recruit more muscles working together at the same time. Think, thrusters, Burpees, or if you must curl, pair it with a lunge.

Circuit Train

Take the advice above and use compound movements to put together a circuit. When done properly Tabata style or HIIT (high intensity interval training) is extremely effective for fat loss and conditioning…AND you don’t have to do it for more than 20 mins so it’s the perfect kind of workout for busy moms!

And there you have it! Apply one, or all, of these tips to your life and see how much time you end up saving to do something for yourself maybe? (A mom can dream, can’t she?)

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Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 25, 2017

For many of us, women’s health and fitness day is EVERYDAY! But, that doesn’t make it any less cool that it has a special day all its own – the last Wednesday of September.

I mean is it a coincidence that it also happens to fall on “Workout Wednesday?” I think not.

So, in an attempt to inspire other moms out there to make health and fitness a priority, I asked my Ambassadors how THEY will be celebrating this year and this is what some of them said:

“Wednesdays are kettlebells and more at the Training Room with the baby tucked in a corner and while my toddler is in preschool!” Anita

“I will wake up, do my daily 30 burpees, have a healthy breakfast (egg and spinach sprinkled with chia and flax, Avocado, water, coffee) and take my little girls to gymnastics so they can have fun and get strong and healthy!”Stefanie

“Working on couch to 5k and slowly easing back into powerlifting!”Jessica

“Well. Now that I’m aware of it. Dance party.”Sara

“I think I’ll run on the boardwalk instead of around my block when the sun’s rising and then just stretch looking at the water. Recenter before the day begins.”Liz

“This is my husbands birthday but I will be doing one of the coaching club workouts before we celebrate!”- Madeleine

“A trail run!!!” –Cindy 

“I will be going to my Crossfit box for the 9 or 10 am workout. My 15 year old daughter is joining me this time so it’s so awesome to see her getting strong. She’s way better than this old momma and I am so proud. Then it’s either eating a leftover meal or getting a burrito kind of lunch.” –Rose

“I will most likely go for a run!”Wendy

I’ll be teaching a Bootcamp in the AM and HIIT in the PM!” Danielle

“I’ve got one of my senior clients, so I’ll be doing his workout alongside him. If it’s as nice as it’s been these past few days here though… that’s the ONLY thing I’ll be doing. It’ll be a beach day after if it’s nice out! (Because it’ll probably be the last one of the season.)” Holly

“I’m on the last week of an 18 week training plan for a half I’m running this weekend so I’ll be running 5 easy miles.” Laura

“A little strength workout and cardio.”Sarah

“At 39 1/2 weeks pregnant, I’m going to go for a swim and cook my favorite dinner….make your own (vegetarian) Buddha bowls!” Amanda

“My birthday! I’m taking a rest day for my health. Trying to fight a viral infection that may turn into a respiratory infection and I have my first Full Marathon Saturday!” –Krista

 “CrossFit WOD!” Jaime

“Still in marathon training mode & Wednesday is 5 miles with 5 X 30 second fast pace strides. Since it’s also Women’s Health & Fitness Day I will invite some of my local running tribe to join me & treat them to coffee after.” Steph

So how will YOU be celebrating National Women’s Health and Fitness Day?


What’s Up with Those Carb/Fat Blockers?

September 15, 2017

So, here we are a week away from the first day of Fall and everything pumpkin, apple, and comfort.

This is my FAVORITE time of year but you know what that means? The diet industry pretending to be the “hero” again with all of these great “supplements” to help off set all of that comfort food we will be eating…the Thanksgiving dinners, the Christmas cookies (and whatever you eat for Hanukkah…sorry, I’m not Jewish‍.)

You’ll see posts and ads on social media for carb blockers, and fat blockers, and diet teas.

Can we all just save our money? Like really….PLEASE – if you’re going to eat the sweet potatoes and sugar cookies and pumpkin pie then just eat them and enjoy them…and move on.

Buying carb/fat blockers, why? So you can “have more” or “not gain weight?” Guess what? Having one meal where you overindulge isn’t going to put 10lbs on your a** over night.

There is a bigger problem at hand and hiring professional help to assist you in changing your habits is much more beneficial to you than spending $25 on a bottle of pills peddled by an old high school classmate who tries to convince you with anecdotal evidence.

Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA so most of the time, do we really know what we are buying?

Supplement companies sell you a story – a vision of what you *could* look like if you used their products.

Let’s look at a few alternate solutions to the carb/fat blockers.

  1. you could choose to eat more complex carbs (complex carbs have less sugar and more fiber than “white” carbs helping your blood sugar to remain stable and help you feel fuller for  longer)
  2. you could increase your fiber intake (greens, veggies, fruit, whole grains – again to help stabilize blood sugar and feeling satiated)
  3. You could avoid fried foods and opt for baked instead
  4. You could include more healthy fats in your diet like avocado, nut butters, or fish.
  5. you could make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. You don’t even need a gym or equipment – just get outside and walk!
  6. you could do all or any combination of the above

The side effects often associated with these non-regulated supplements are usually worse or more uncomfortable than the guilt you feel after over indulging. Including – but not limited to: bloating, gastrointestinal issues (including sh*tting your pants…Alli, anyone?)

So this fall and upcoming holiday season find a local or online group (like this one!) who can support you and help you through your challenges and ignore those posts and ads for magical pills and potions. No matter how much we want to believe leprechauns and unicorns are real…they don’t exist.

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Why 30 Day Squat Challenges are Stupid

August 23, 2017

I know you’ve seen them -posts on Facebook that look like this: “Hey! I’m thinking about doing this 30 day squat/plank/pushup/(insert some other exercise here) challenge! Who wants to join me!?”

Maybe you even posted something like this yourself.

I’m all for someone wanting to get fit – and any activity is better than no activity, right?

Not really. Here’s my beef:

  1. Who’s writing these? Like who said by Day 30 you should be doing 250 squats? Are these body weight squats? With weights? Are you doing them all together at one time? Breaking them into sets? Done throughout the day? Does anyone really know? 
  2. Most of these challenges are “pinned” or posted/shared by people who aren’t active on a regular basis…at least as seen in my news feed. 50 squats for Day 1 is a lot for someone who might be just starting out – and what if the person doesn’t know proper form? They are going to be doing 30 days of incorrect form leading to…
  3. Injury. Performing high repetitions of any movement over and over again for a long period of time isn’t good for you. You need to change up movement patterns and work all planes of the body to really benefit your over all fitness.
  4. They feed the need to chase perfection. What happens if you don’t keep up with it? You feel like a failure…or if you miss a day, now you are trying to play catch up and end up doing MORE squats because you are doubling up on days you missed – the numbers are already insanely high to being with, playing catch up is just going to lead to…
  5. Injury – oh wait…I already covered that in #3.

If you are looking to participate in a free fitness challenge, please be sure to sign up with someone who is a fitness professional – a certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, physical therapist, or someone with an exercise science or kinesiology degree – someone who knows the human body and how to safely and properly write programs. I run free challenges at least 3 times a year – to be the first to hear about when my next free challenge starts sign up for my email list here!

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The Reason Fitness Pros Won’t DM You to Solicit Their Services

August 15, 2017

We’ve all been there – an old “friend” from high school sends us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram  – or better yet a complete stranger – first the small talk – then the outpouring of compliments – and then the bomb –

A real message I received

“Have you ever thought about becoming a beachbody coach? You’d be so good at it!”


“You should join my next challenge group!”

No – just stop.

Beachbody coach 1: “I had such great results using the program myself so that’s why I became a coach. I wanted to help others get the same results I did.”

A real message I received

Beachbody coach 2: “I wanted to make some extra money, and I love working out so I became a coach. I get paid to workout!” (Insert eye roll here)

Guess what? I taught my son how to count to 10 but I’m not going around calling myself a teacher and reaching out to friends seeing if they want me to tutor their kids now.

I know it sounds like I’m beating up on Beachbody – ok, well I guess I am. But here’s my point.

Those of us who have put in the long hours of studying and learning about the body and how it works, earning CEUs year after year to make sure we stay up to date on best practices – we don’t HAVE to solicit and blindly reach out to “old friends” and strangers.


Because our income doesn’t depend on whether we sell a “challenge pack” or monthly Shakeology autoship.

Our purpose truly IS to help people – educate people – share helpful information and attract our tribe. People find US.

A real message I received

Some people take the free info we share and run with it and get great results on their own – while others need more – so they hire us.

There are millions of fitness professionals out there – did you ever notice that some of those people annoy the hell out of you while others you can’t get enough of and you follow them on every social media platform, subscribe to all of their emails, read their blogs, and visit their YouTube channels?

There’s a place for everyone. You just have to find “your person.”

Maybe you are someone who LOVES doing workout videos at home. Well then, guess what? Beachbody might be your thing!


Maybe you love running-

Maybe you want to get stronger –

Maybe you want to lose weight-

Maybe you want a fitness professional who is a mom or a runner or strength & conditioning coach.

The most important thing is finding someone who gets you – who speaks your language – who makes you say, “OMG – Me too!”

That might be me – or that might not be me. In any case, you’ll know when you find the right fitness professional for you – and when you do find them – great things will happen for you!

If you like focusing on the positive – focusing on what your body is capable of – if you’d rather be strong than skinny – join my tribe!

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“Must have” equipment to #TrainLikeAnAthlete

July 11, 2017
One question that comes up a lot is “What equipment do I need for a home gym?” The answer is  not much…but as you start to set, achieve (and CRUSH) your fitness PRs you are going to need access to more equipment to take it to the next level.

Everyone’s fitness goals are different – and maybe getting a set of 10 consecutive pushups is your #1 fitness goal – in that case, no equipment is needed. But if you want to be able to do unassisted pull ups or deadlift your bodyweight – you’re going to need a few things.

Obviously, budget and space is going to come into play, but if you start off with just a few items that you need you can always add to it later –  this list is MY recommendations on what you should include to #TrainLikeAnAthlete. These items can be purchased in various locations, however I have included links for your convenience.

1. Pull up Bar –  Iron Gym Total Body Workout Bar

2. Various Tension Resistance Bands – Black Mountain Products Strength Loop Resistance Exercise Bands and Theraband Resistance Band Loops

3. Adjustable Dumbbells (5-50lbs) Great option if you don’t have a ton of space – Stairmaster TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells Pair

4. Olympic Plates (for Olympic and heavy lifts like cleans, deadlifts, etc) – XM-3377-BAL-65 XMark Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Weight Packages

5. Olympic Bar Bell – STEELBODY 7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar

6. Adjustable Bench/Step or PlyoBox – Golds Gym Xtreme Plyometric Jump Box

7. Stability Ball – GoFit GF-65BALL Exercise Ball With Pump (65 Cm; White)

8. Yoga Mat – Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

9. Foam Roller (for recovery) – Valeo Foam Roller

10. Kettlebell – GoFit Premium Kettlebell

Are you a mom who was once a competitive athlete? Maybe in high school – maybe in college – but now you spend more time chasing kids around than opponents on the field or track…but you miss that athlete and want to find her again?

Join my next FREE Fitness challenge for moms. 🏋 Workouts and meals will be quick to complete but will be highly effective and get you back to that athlete you miss. LET’S GOOO! Sign up now!!!

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A little about YOU – check all that apply

Fitness Running

Top Running Tips from #MotherRunners

June 1, 2017

The Color Run
It’s running season! Whether you are starting up again for the year, or starting for the first time ever here is a list of Top Running Tips from Instagram’s #MotherRunners.


For beginners. Don’t stop. Running is hard. It takes everything you have and more. But it will change your life in ways you didn’t know existed. You will find strength you didn’t know you had – @redheadrunnercindy



Fit Pregnancy Running Tip: Try running sprints when running mile after mile gets tough and wear supportive gear like a good sports bra and belly band. – @fitmomrach



As  runners, we are broken down and weathered, and stretching MUST be a part of the mix. Stretching should occur after your body is warm and limber.  – @myfitfinish (See Kelli’s full list of running stretches here)


Don’t get discouraged by the first ‘wall’ you hit. When you pass that first one, you’ll be amazed how many more you can pass. – @breeruns_and_tris



My tip is to find just one thing that makes you keep going. Maybe you’re just beginning or you’ve covered many miles – find the one thing that will drive you to continue when it just seems too hard and the miles get long and lonely. In the run my mantra is to “dig deep”, it creates a nice rhythm with every step. And when I question why I run, I think of my son. In high school I had to retire from running due to knee surgery, but after many years I have found a way to begin running again. I want him to know he can do anything he puts his mind to. – @gulrock


If you are new to running, or are getting back after a hiatus start slow.  I had to take 8 months off due to a pelvic disorder during my last pregnancy and I just completed my first half marathon postpartum completely by using the interval method.  I run for 3 minutes, walk for 1.  This way I don’t burn out quickly and can sustain my energy as long as I need to.  Change the intervals to whatever works for you at the fitness level you’re at, and then change them as you improve.  There is no shame in a walking runner! – @therunningweightwatcher


My number one tip for runners (probably more toward newbies, but good for all) is to make yourself seen! If you are going to run anywhere near sunrise/sunset or when it’s all dark, get reflective gear and headlamps. Where bright clothes with reflective material. Without it, you are practically invisible!!



My tip for casual runners: Continuing to run during pregnancy isn’t only about doing something you enjoy. Studies show that exercise improves the health of mom and baby–it lessens back pain, prevents excessive weight gain, improves sleep quality, and reduces delivery complications and time spent in labor. Keeps me sane, happy and fit! -@France68


Don’t worry about your pace when you get started! The greatest thing is that you started and we are proud of you! -@ashslay_tiu



INTERVALS! I swear by them! This tip is for any skill level. Use a moderate pace paired with a push your limits pace! I always use HIIT strength/cardio workouts to train, especially during the colder seasons, because lets be honest…no one likes the Dreadmill!

– @bridgethegapworkouts


Don’t quit, no matter what, just keep moving, don’t quit.

– @livinglovingrunner


Invest in the right gear, starting with shoes. It may seem like a lot of money for a pair of shoes. But when starting out, you want the best shoe for your stride. Providing you the right cushion for what you need. Spending a little more money is worth it,  than paying for an injury. Both financially and emotionally. -@she_runs_bonk_ers



Don’t compare your body and pace to others around you. As long as you are out there running, you ARE a runner. -@jrose1128




My running tip is to get started stroller running – try planning your run to a park a mile or two away from your home. That way you can do a short run to the park, let your kids play (and you rest) and then a short run back home. It’s helps to break it up both physically and mentally.



If you are looking to improve your pace for whatever purpose, remember to enjoy the process! Running is very empowering and no matter what your goals, have fun with it! – @see_laura_run


Invest in a quality pair of running shoes by going to the local running store and talking to them about your needs and any aches or pains. Sometimes, we stick to only one brand or shoe because of habit. Getting the right pair of shoes can often be the answer to get rid of a nagging problem. – @embracethejourneys


Most people know to stretch after a run but don’t forget to do dynamic stretches before your run. Dynamic stretches help activate and warm up your running muscles. Some good pre run stretches I like: Leg Swings, Butt Kicks, Toy Soldiers, Walking Lunges -@runningmilesnmiles
Find a running program that incorporates all components of fitness (running, strength, stretching, and REST.) So many running plans have you running more and more but never touch on strength training. This can lead to injury and sometimes even weight GAIN.

Join the FMSM Running Team!

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