The Best Places to Shop for Workout Clothes on a Budget

Let’s be real…most mommas aren’t sporting a full lululemon workout outfit head to toe, unless it was gifted to her by someone who really….REALLY loves her. It’s just stupid expensive and when you have kids (babies, toddlers, pre-teens doesn’t matter) you don’t want a pair of $100 yoga pants getting anything but sweat on them. Don’t worry fit moms, you can still look cute and stylish on your way to the gym (or living room, basement, garage…wherever you work out!) by shopping at the following stores and sites.

1) Kohls

THIS is a no brainer! First of all EVERYTHING is always on sale, they are ALWAYS giving away 15-30% off coupons, and then of course there’s Kohls cash. When you can combine all that together you can save a HUGE chunk of money. They have a variety of name brands from Fila to Nike and Adidas, so you aren’t stuck with just having to get the Kohls “SO” brand. I can vouch for the quality since I have run a number of Spartan Races in a Fila tank top and pants and after multiple muddy races and washes they are still good as new!

2) TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Again, another no brainer! If you shop at the right day and time you may even be able to score a pair of those $100 lulu yoga pants for MUCH cheaper. The best part about shopping here is you can get some REALLY good stuff for really cheap…ESPECIALLY when you shop the clearance rack! I once got 3 UnderArmor sports bras for $15 each! (They usually go for $49.99 each!) The bad part is it’s usually hit or miss. If you visit their store on the day of/after their truck delivery when they get a new shipment you’ll probably have a better shot at finding something good. Lucky for me I live right down the street, so I visit maybe once a week (excessive?)

3) Target

Remember back in middle school you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something from Walmart or God forbid K-Mart (gasp!) because they didn’t have the “cool” brands. Then all of a sudden Target opens up and everyone and their sister starts shopping there. Maybe that’s because the quality of Target’s clothes are head and shoulders above the other discount department stores, and their clothes are so stylish. The C9 line (a division of Champion) is their main workout line and there is a huge variety of sports bras and pant length options. Big boobs? Small boobs? Long legs? Short legs? Don’t worry…Target’s got you covered!

4) Groupon

That’s right Groupon is not just discounted dinners, massages, and weekend getaways! If you shop under the “Goods” tab you can find great deals on workout pants, tops, and sometimes even sneakers. In the past I purchased Marika workout capris for $17.99 (regularly $40 in the store.) If you are subscribed to Groupon and have an account sometimes they will entice you with extra discounts on top of the already low prices.

5) Active Gear Up

This site is affiliated with (the site where many athletic events such as 5ks, triathlons, and bike races have you register at to participate.) I have not personally purchased anything from this site, but I do receive the emails and can tell you it’s like Groupon but with just workout gear. Anything you might need for biking, hiking, running, or yoga. If you know you will be participating in activities like that regularly I would recommend subscribing to their emails so you don’t miss out on their deals (since they often only offer a limited number of items and sell out especially if the item is popular or a specialty item.)

Of course you can always just workout in your husbands old sweatpants and fraternity t-shirt (and there’s nothing wrong with that…I’m not judging!) but, there’s something about putting on a cute workout outfit that makes you feel powerful. Honestly! When you can SEE your body moving and working while exercising you begin to have a new appreciation for it. You’ll see the definition starting to develop in your arms or notice that your stomach is getting flatter or your butt is getting perkier….I promise!

If you have any other suggestions for places to shop for workout clothes on a budget leave it in the comment section below!

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  • Reply Brenda June 28, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    99% of my workout clothes come off the clearance rack at Kohls. The other 1% from Groupon. I never heard of the Active Gear Up, what is the web address?

  • Reply Melissa Kolbeck June 28, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Old Navy has great stuff too! I got a really fun pair of patterned pink capris recently and love them!

    • Reply fitnessjenn2 June 28, 2015 at 10:06 pm

      Yes! Good one! I forgot about Old Navy! They do have great stuff!

  • Reply Brenda June 29, 2015 at 11:12 am

    I don’t know how I forgot about Old Navy too.

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