Making Fitness a Priority – Mom of 4 Young Girls Shares How She Does it

It’s no surprise that your life changes after having a baby. Not only does your body look and feel different but it takes more time and effort to “put everything back” to where is once was before baby…and now you have almost NO TIME for yourself. How do you do it? Now imagine having 4 children aged 6 and younger! Meet Strong Momma, Samantha, fit mom of 4 girls. Samantha makes health and fitness a priority in her house and she was kind enough to share with Fit Mom Strong Mom how she does it!

11748776_10101123288762220_935750573_n“I had 4 girls in 5 years and am a stay at home mom. Only 1 of my daughters is in school full-time and I don’t have help from a nanny, so 3 girls are always with me (and now that it’s summer all 4 girls are home!) I knew that I would not be able to get to Pilates reformer classes or the gym with my 4 little girls so, I decided to try Beachbody at home workouts & I was hooked! I can totally fit in 30 minutes a day around my kids, husband, and busy life. I fit in my workouts when I can while realizing that some days it’s just not happening! I aim to do something every day & I usually end up working out 5-6 times per week. I like to workout during the day when/if my baby naps and I have the other girls set up with a craft project they can keep themselves busy with or have them play together while I get my workout done. Sometimes the girls want to join me & they get their mat and follow along. Other times I might have to stop and finish later. If we are having a particularly rough day, I wait until my husband gets home and he will take over so I can get my workout done or I wait until after bedtime. It took awhile for me to get over the guilt I felt that I should be doing something else (like laundry and cleaning) but I know how important it is for me (and ALL moms) to take some time for myself to do what makes me happy.11737123_10101123288682380_147343180_n

Also, as moms we spend so much time making sure our babies and kids are fed well, but we have to make sure we are taking our nutrition seriously too. Take one day a week to plan and prep your meals and you will have a lot more time and a lot less stress! I also think finding a group of other moms who are fitness minded is so important! As a Beachbody Coach I run monthly wellness groups on Facebook to connect with other moms who are making their health a priority through exercise. It’s so helpful to surround yourself with positive women who motivate each other and social media makes it a lot easier to do that. Find something that you LOVE to do and you will stick with it!”

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