Mickendrow-127Jenn – Owner & Creator of Fit Mom Strong Mom

I have been an athlete my whole life participating and competing in everything from karate, to cheerleading, track and field, to fitness competitions, Crossfit and most recently obstacle course racing. Maintaing an optimal level of fitness has always been important to me, but especially during and after pregnancy. My passion for wanting to help people achieve this same goal began in 2008 when I became a certified personal trainer…but it didn’t stop there. After going through my own pregnancy in 2014 I completed my Prenatal & Postpartum Training certification with Oh Baby! Fitness so that I could help other women prepare for and continue to exercise safely before, during, and after pregnancy. I hope all women find Fit Mom Strong Mom to be a great resource and support community. 

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Instagram: @fitmomstrongmom

image1-4Anita – Healthy & Fit Moms of Toddlers Blogger

Hi, I’m Anita! I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group (Stroller, Circuit and Kettlebell) Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. I am also a fit mom of a 2-year-old toddler. In my pre-fitness life I was an Advertising Account Director – but now I blend that experience with my passion for fitness to build a business while staying home chasing my son. I absolutely love to run and completed my first marathon in NYC in 2011, and I can often spotted pushing my son in his jogging stroller around her town.

Personal Blog: www.littlebitoffitness.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/anitaalbafitness
Instagram: @littlebitoffitnessanitaalba

img_0074Brianne – Canadian Fit Moms Blogger

Hi, I’m Brianne! I reside in Ontario, Canada with my husband of 6 years and my two daughters, ages 1 and 4. In my professional career I am an 8th grade teacher, but my passion is running. I have been a runner for over 10 years and a triathlete for 4 years. I love setting goals and working toward them and I consider myself to be quite motivated!

Instagram: @breeruns_and_tris

20161025_141545-01 Christina – Fit Mom Runner Blogger

I am a wife and a mom to two amazing sons who are 14 months a part and best buddies, Nolan (5) and Lincoln (4). I hold a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, am a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and along with my husband, own The Athlete Factory where we work with competitive athletes youth to professional. As a strength coach, weight lifter, group fitness instructor and wannabe yogi, I love all things fitness, but I would have to say I am most passionate about running and have been for going on two decades now! I run all distances from 5k’s to full marathons and love getting to share my experiences and knowledge with fellow runners in hopes to educate, motivate and inspire.

Personal Blog: www.coachrunnerfitmom.com
Instagram: @coachrunnerfirmom
Twitter: @cluhmwood


Heather – Fit Working Mom Blogger

Hi, I’m Heather! I have been a teacher and varsity high school swim coach for the past 12 years and absolutely love it. I’ve also started blogging recently and run half marathons any chance I get. I have two kids (Ava is 5 and Nolan just turned 2) and they are my reason to work so hard in all aspects of life. I am married to a fantastic man who supports all my passions and is an excellent father. Thanks to his job we get to travel as a family quite often. I feel it is really important to set a positive example of a healthy lifestyle for our children, and I think it’s great if I can inspire other working moms along the way. Everyday is a balancing act but we make it work.

Personal Blog: www.sunnystrideup.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sunnystrideup
Instagram: @sunnystrideup

IMG_0509 5x7 WEBHeidi – Healthy Body Image Blogger

I am a writer, mother, athlete, and business owner, not necessarily in that order (or with any order, for that matter). I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and am a Doctor of Education. My book, The Fit Mom Project, a humorous investigation into fitness and motherhood, sparked the ReclaimFit movement, which is now a growing community of women (and men!) who are motivated by community, accountability, and consistency to become better versions of themselves. I am constantly rediscovering athleticism in my thirties and, in doing so, am working to overcome years of body insecurity and the shame and guilt that comes along with dedicating time to myself as a working mother. Learn more about the ReclaimFit movement at reclaimfit.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/howtohugyourtrainerfitmomproject
Instagram: @reclaimfitmom

img_20160901_163415 Jesse – Mom-spiration: Relatable Stories from 1 Mom to the Next Blogger

I am a busy mom to three boys! I have been training and teaching group exercise since 2004 and have a Masters Degree in Health and Fitness Studies, and a Bachelors in Sports Management. I carry certifications in various disciples including National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Senior and Youth Fitness Specialist, Sara City Workouts (SCW) Group Exercise & Moms in Motion, Cycle Fusion Indoor Cycling Level 2, American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) Agility, Balance and Coordination Exercise Specialist; and Exercise Design Specialist. Aside from exercise, I am an accomplished triathlete. In my spare time I enjoy running, gardening, boating with my family, stand-up paddleboarding, and beach trips to OBX!

Personal Blog: www.momspirationcom.wordpress.com
Instagram: @waldvogelharris


Kim – Fitness over 40 Blogger

In my former life I was a high school English teacher, but am now a full-time mom of two girls, group exercise class instructor and writer. I write mostly for the Deseret News but have also had articles published in Runner’s World Magazine. I found running after having my last baby and have now completed 45 marathons with a PR of 2:51. My passions are running, writing and traveling. My dream is to combine all three by traveling the world running races and writing about my experiences. I’m constantly striving to set an example for my daughters that when you feel good, you look good. Not the other way around.

Personal Blog: www.kiminthegym.com
Instagram: @kiminthegym1

LaurenGroganLauren – Mind, Body, & Wellness Blogger

I’m a Holistic Health Coach & Registered Yoga Teacher on the Jersey Shore. I am the mommy to a happy baby boy named Hanley. I find pleasure in nourishing my body with healthy, delicious foods each and every day. Nutritious movements like yoga, walking and Qi Gong are regular practices of mine that keep my body and mind feeling great. I love leading by example to show others that when you make health a priority, the result is feeling wonderful!

Personal Blog: www.centeryourhealth.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/centeryourhealth
Instagram: @centeryourhealth


Rachael – Postnatal/Postpartum Fitness Blogger

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, amateur figure competitor, distance runner, obstacle course racer, and mom of two! As a wife and mother, I understand the struggles that come with balancing running a household, working part-time, building a business and trying to maintain my own health and fitness. As a personal trainer it is my goal to help empower, uplift and support other women through all stages of their lives. My love for what I do and my desire to help others find their own passion is what separates me from other trainers.

Personal Blog: www.rachaelnovellofitness.com
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Instagram: @rachaelnovellofitness


Sara – Paleo & Whole30 Blogger

I am a passionate paleo meal-prepper, Whole30 veteran, crossfit fanatic, cook, mom and wife. In early 2015 I switched to paleo eating, joined a crossfit box and never looked back. After having my daughter, I decided to stop making excuses and take the reins of working out, eating healthy and most importantly setting a healthy example for my daughter. Since then I have lost 82 lbs, 4 jean sizes and have learned to deadlift, power clean & fall in love with WODs like Grace. My husband and I are a super team – meal prepping on Sundays, managing to go to the gym 4-5 days a week all while working full time. I graduated from college with a journalism degree and now work in marketing.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bedazzledkindoflife
Instagram: @sara_eatsclean
Twitter: @sara_eatsclean
Personal Blog: www.bedazzledkindoflife.com

Disclaimer: Fit Mom Strong Mom is not affiliated with any nutritional MLM companies, nor do we endorse any. Our purpose is to bring inspiring stories to you by way of our Strong Momma Profiles and articles and not sell you wraps, pills, or powders. Some of our Strong Mommas have had success with these companies and products, and we think that is great, but it’s not for us. Your journey is yours and we support any Mommas who make health and fitness a priority for themselves and their family.   

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