About Jenn


Hi! I’m Jenn – personal trainer, athlete and mother of two. Before becoming a mom I was always focused on my career and being successful – I always wanted to have my own “thing” and be an entrepreneur, so after working in the marketing and advertising industry for a few years I decided to follow my true passion of health and fitness and get certified as a personal trainer.

How it happened
During my time as an advertising account executive I met a personal trainer who was opening a brand new studio, so naturally I stopped in to solicit for some advertising. After a few meetings we decided to work together – he, as my personal trainer and me, as his account rep. I was an athlete my whole life and had worked with coaches but I had never worked with a personal trainer before. He asked me what my fitness goals were, and I said “you know those girls on ESPN who dance and flip around on stage and do one arm push-ups? I want to do that.” (Back in the early 90s ESPN used to air bodybuilding and fitness competitions after cheerleading and dance nationals – so being a former cheerleader, and a girl always obsessed with being strong, I was drawn to it.) He told me he had never coached anyone for that sport but that we would learn together and make it happen. Fast forward a year – and I did end up on stage competing for the first time in the summer of 2007. fullsizerender-16

Why I decided to make the career change to personal trainer

After working with my personal trainer for a little while I ended up buying some sessions for my parents for Christmas – my mom was your average middle aged mom/woman who was over weight, focused mainly on the family and raising us kids, and not putting herself first. She had the usual feeling of hating her body and feeling self conscious as many women do and was going through menopause. After working with our personal trainer for a while she ended up losing a bunch of weight, and gained a whole new level of self confidence (she even wore tank tops/sleeveless shirts!) WOW! I was blown away at her transformation, both physically and mentally, and decided right then and there I had to get certified. I wanted to do the same – help people transform into new happy, healthy versions of themselves. So, with my 2007 tax return money I paid for my first Personal Training course and certification in 2008 – and passed with flying colors!