A Day in the Life – Mom of 7 Shares How Her Family Stays Active and Fit

Before having kids (or even just 1 kid) life is pretty much “do what you want when you want.” If you want to go to spin class you just go…you want to sign up for that marathon knowing you are going to have to train more months, no problem! Been dying to go on that yoga retreat with your studio? Sign me up! This is NOT saying that once you become a mom you have to give up all of these things…it just means you have to plan accordingly and schedule things in advance…doing things “on a whim” doesn’t happen too much when it comes to doing things for ourselves. (“Sorry, kids! Can’t help with homework and I can’t cook dinner tonight because I’ve decided to go to this random Zumba class tonight.”)

IMG_2623Fit Mom Strong Mom had the pleasure of featuring Strong Momma, Amy, mother of 7. We asked her if she would be willing to share a Day in the Life with us – what’s it like to have 7 kids and still be able to make fitness a priority. She was happy to share!

“I am an open book. I totally believe we support each other and sometimes that means being honest even if it isn’t pretty. Facebook/online makes us believe a false perfect exist. I have dishes in my sink, clothes to hang, and cellulite on my back side. Sometimes it helps to know someone is struggling with the same thing too. I promise one or seven kids, it is all hard work.

I will be 36 years old in December. I have been married 17 years this August. I was young enough to think marriage was going to be easy and fun, lol.

My day varies. Today my little boy with some health problems needed me to hold him today. That was more important than cleaning up or getting a run in. I constantly re-adjusting my schedule. My husband works early mornings so we switch off being at home.IMG_3012

I get up at 5 am to clean up, read my scriptures, eat breakfast, and get ready for work.

My goal is to get at least 10,000 steps in each day. Sometimes if I have time I get a run in. Other days I just make sure I move as much as I can. I walk to as many places as I can like to work. It has cut my workouts in half because I don’t spend hours on the treadmill or on trails running.

I spend the mornings training and teaching classes. I get to work with some pretty awesome people.

My husband meets me at the gym when I finish so we get our workout in. Sometimes some of our older kids will join us. I have embraced lifting heavier weights and have seen the biggest changes in my body since having kids. This has also cut my workout time down.

We go home, have lunch with the kids, clean up (with that many in a family it is an on-going job!), get work done, return phone calls, write up workouts, and then spend time talking with the kids.

IMG_2622I head back to the gym for some classes and sessions. I work at the most amazing, family friendly club; Giammalva Raquet Club which encourages healthy families. I have planned my schedule so that my kids can come back and workout with me during those classes. Kid fitness, mom and me, and family fitness are some of my favorites to teach. Working out should be fun and I want my kids to have a love of fitness.

We either pack a dinner, eat at the club, and play tennis or come home, have dinner, and play games.

On Saturdays we head to the local track to “play” by having races or sprinting together. We look for fitness events like 5k’s, triathlons, obstacle runs, and competitions to do as a couple or as a family. It gets us excited about training.

I don’t watch television. It is where I save the most time. My favorite form of entertainment is reading. I try to read a little everyday.

I have a master calendar that stays with me to ensure I have my week planned out. I “budget” my time like I “budget” my money. I try to spend it wisely.IMG_0863

The whole family pitches in and helps. The kids all do chores and help each other. They are truly best friends and take such good care of their siblings. They asked one year to get items for their favorite charity instead of birthday presents. The kids have been awarded volunteers of the month in our school district based on how much they help out. It takes every one of them to make this family work. I could not do this without them and their huge hearts.

It is always crazy at our house but I would not change it for the world. I am with the people I love, I work at a place that encourages my passion, and have some of the most amazing people in my life. It is exhausting, it is messy, it is sometimes chaos but it is completely worth it.”



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