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Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet by Being the SAME YOU!

January 9, 2018

With the new year here, I find myself (with the rest of the social media universe) reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to new goals, a new year, and a new me in 2018. However, what if I don’t want to be a New ME?

What if I want to be the Same ME? Get back in touch with the part of myself that I let slip away when adult life, marriage, and kids happened? I am a HUGE planner and scheduler. Failing is tough — so why do I keep setting myself up for failure every year with resolutions?

Before Kids

Most days I think I am a pretty great mom and before kids?…pretty sure I was doing ok then too!

I am not buying into setting a New Year Resolution this year. Why you ask? Well, only a little more than 40% of Americans set a resolution, of which roughly 8% are actually truly achieved ( Plus – I really don’t need or want one more thing to track right now either. Being completely honest here, dry shampoo and cereal for every meal is a HUGE mom win some days.

Also, any resolution I could think of has been repeated the last 5, 6 years (lose weight, workout 3 days a week, be a better mealprepper, never leave dirty dishes in the sink, etc). So why should I keep trying to achieve the same things, that I will not end up sticking to for more than a month (maybe 3), fail, make excuses, and try again the following year?

Insanity??? Absolutely!

I’m going to make 2018 my best year yet by being the SAME ME! I have learned many life lessons, especially at the end of 2017 after we had baby Kelsey. One of which was that if I need time to my self, I make time for myself.  It may be at 4:30 in the morning or 11:00 at night, but I tell you … I miss me and I used to be pretty, freaking,

I miss the side of me that runs regularly and goes to the gym.
I miss the side of me that gets lost in a book.
I miss the side of me that has enough time to shave her legs in the shower!
I miss eating breakfast and coffee without Umi Zoomi playing in the background.
I miss staring at the stars on the clear night.
I miss riding my horse as often as I used too.
I miss being able to crochet, sew, and craft.
I miss good bonfires and nights out with friends.

Now, if my husband were reading this he’d tell you that I still am awesome (or he better!) But, what I didn’t realize was how much of ME I have been missing out on and how much I have let slide the things that
used to mean so much to me.

Being a mom and getting the chance to have kids is the best thing my husband and I have been blessed with and we
would never change that for the world. The baby blues, anxiety, and self doubt can all wave goodbye in 2018.

In fact I was laying bed the other night talking with my husband and I mentioned that I just felt tired, extremely bloated, and just not myself…I talked about the rough bedtime trying to get the girls to sleep, the baby’s cough, and a messy house. I felt plain old defeated.

His words to me, “Knock it off. You are beautiful, the house will be fine, the girls are sleeping. You need to quit worrying so much. Not everything will go as planned and everything will workout.”

Don’t tell him this, but he was right.

After Kids

The following morning I got up, fed Kelsey, went for a run, cleaned the house, and got the kids ready for the day. Everything was ok and my “stuff” got done.

Who am I and what is ME? I’m learning that is a complicated role that is different day to day; but by making time for ME and doing the things I once loved, I am learning I can be a Mom and a runner, a rider, a reader, a crafter, an outdoorsman, a housekeeper AND have a career.

I’m learning that it’s ok to have a babysitter and get home later than expected. It’s ok to ask for help, ride my horse during nap time, and stop off at happy hour! It’s ok to not feel “normal” some days as motherhood is a HUGE change!! It’s ok that stuff won’t always go as planned and lists will go uncompleted.

As moms, we give everything we are to our family, but we are still a priority. Now it’s time to rediscover the things we once loved. I cannot wait to get back to being ME in 2018. This may be accomplished differently every month or even everyday, and I have no way to tell you how exactly that will get done.

I do know, there is no end game and no strike of the clock at midnight on Jan 1, 2018 that will suddenly make everything work out. I do know and I have learned already that I am up to the challenge of being ME.

I am a mom, a working mom, a mom that runs, reads, and rides horses. I cuss on occasion and my children may repeat me one day (but lets hope they repeat their father first…)

The world will still turn and we will get another chance the next day to be the best version of who we are again. So, 2018 – Cheers to a New Year and getting back to the SAME OLD ME.

Guest Blogger

Theresa (Teri) Thompson

I am a wife to Billy and mom to 2 beautiful girls, Blair and Kelsey (2yrs and 4 months respectively). My family resides out in the country near Park River, ND, where my husband and I both work as agronomists. I love to spend time with my family, ride our horses, play with our dogs, run, read, and do pretty much anything else that gets me out of the house.

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