Celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 25, 2017

For many of us, women’s health and fitness day is EVERYDAY! But, that doesn’t make it any less cool that it has a special day all its own – the last Wednesday of September.

I mean is it a coincidence that it also happens to fall on “Workout Wednesday?” I think not.

So, in an attempt to inspire other moms out there to make health and fitness a priority, I asked my Ambassadors how THEY will be celebrating this year and this is what some of them said:

“Wednesdays are kettlebells and more at the Training Room with the baby tucked in a corner and while my toddler is in preschool!” Anita

“I will wake up, do my daily 30 burpees, have a healthy breakfast (egg and spinach sprinkled with chia and flax, Avocado, water, coffee) and take my little girls to gymnastics so they can have fun and get strong and healthy!”Stefanie

“Working on couch to 5k and slowly easing back into powerlifting!”Jessica

“Well. Now that I’m aware of it. Dance party.”Sara

“I think I’ll run on the boardwalk instead of around my block when the sun’s rising and then just stretch looking at the water. Recenter before the day begins.”Liz

“This is my husbands birthday but I will be doing one of the coaching club workouts before we celebrate!”- Madeleine

“A trail run!!!” –Cindy 

“I will be going to my Crossfit box for the 9 or 10 am workout. My 15 year old daughter is joining me this time so it’s so awesome to see her getting strong. She’s way better than this old momma and I am so proud. Then it’s either eating a leftover meal or getting a burrito kind of lunch.” –Rose

“I will most likely go for a run!”Wendy

I’ll be teaching a Bootcamp in the AM and HIIT in the PM!” Danielle

“I’ve got one of my senior clients, so I’ll be doing his workout alongside him. If it’s as nice as it’s been these past few days here though… that’s the ONLY thing I’ll be doing. It’ll be a beach day after if it’s nice out! (Because it’ll probably be the last one of the season.)” Holly

“I’m on the last week of an 18 week training plan for a half I’m running this weekend so I’ll be running 5 easy miles.” Laura

“A little strength workout and cardio.”Sarah

“At 39 1/2 weeks pregnant, I’m going to go for a swim and cook my favorite dinner….make your own (vegetarian) Buddha bowls!” Amanda

“My birthday! I’m taking a rest day for my health. Trying to fight a viral infection that may turn into a respiratory infection and I have my first Full Marathon Saturday!” –Krista

 “CrossFit WOD!” Jaime

“Still in marathon training mode & Wednesday is 5 miles with 5 X 30 second fast pace strides. Since it’s also Women’s Health & Fitness Day I will invite some of my local running tribe to join me & treat them to coffee after.” Steph

So how will YOU be celebrating National Women’s Health and Fitness Day?

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