What’s Up with Those Carb/Fat Blockers?

September 15, 2017

So, here we are a week away from the first day of Fall and everything pumpkin, apple, and comfort.

This is my FAVORITE time of year but you know what that means? The diet industry pretending to be the “hero” again with all of these great “supplements” to help off set all of that comfort food we will be eating…the Thanksgiving dinners, the Christmas cookies (and whatever you eat for Hanukkah…sorry, I’m not Jewish‍.)

You’ll see posts and ads on social media for carb blockers, and fat blockers, and diet teas.

Can we all just save our money? Like really….PLEASE – if you’re going to eat the sweet potatoes and sugar cookies and pumpkin pie then just eat them and enjoy them…and move on.

Buying carb/fat blockers, why? So you can “have more” or “not gain weight?” Guess what? Having one meal where you overindulge isn’t going to put 10lbs on your a** over night.

There is a bigger problem at hand and hiring professional help to assist you in changing your habits is much more beneficial to you than spending $25 on a bottle of pills peddled by an old high school classmate who tries to convince you with anecdotal evidence.

Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA so most of the time, do we really know what we are buying?

Supplement companies sell you a story – a vision of what you *could* look like if you used their products.

Let’s look at a few alternate solutions to the carb/fat blockers.

  1. you could choose to eat more complex carbs (complex carbs have less sugar and more fiber than “white” carbs helping your blood sugar to remain stable and help you feel fuller for  longer)
  2. you could increase your fiber intake (greens, veggies, fruit, whole grains – again to help stabilize blood sugar and feeling satiated)
  3. You could avoid fried foods and opt for baked instead
  4. You could include more healthy fats in your diet like avocado, nut butters, or fish.
  5. you could make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. You don’t even need a gym or equipment – just get outside and walk!
  6. you could do all or any combination of the above

The side effects often associated with these non-regulated supplements are usually worse or more uncomfortable than the guilt you feel after over indulging. Including – but not limited to: bloating, gastrointestinal issues (including sh*tting your pants…Alli, anyone?)

So this fall and upcoming holiday season find a local or online group (like this one!) who can support you and help you through your challenges and ignore those posts and ads for magical pills and potions. No matter how much we want to believe leprechauns and unicorns are real…they don’t exist.

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