Why 30 Day Squat Challenges are Stupid

August 23, 2017

I know you’ve seen them -posts on Facebook that look like this: “Hey! I’m thinking about doing this 30 day squat/plank/pushup/(insert some other exercise here) challenge! Who wants to join me!?”

Maybe you even posted something like this yourself.

I’m all for someone wanting to get fit – and any activity is better than no activity, right?

Not really. Here’s my beef:

  1. Who’s writing these? Like who said by Day 30 you should be doing 250 squats? Are these body weight squats? With weights? Are you doing them all together at one time? Breaking them into sets? Done throughout the day? Does anyone really know? 
  2. Most of these challenges are “pinned” or posted/shared by people who aren’t active on a regular basis…at least as seen in my news feed. 50 squats for Day 1 is a lot for someone who might be just starting out – and what if the person doesn’t know proper form? They are going to be doing 30 days of incorrect form leading to…
  3. Injury. Performing high repetitions of any movement over and over again for a long period of time isn’t good for you. You need to change up movement patterns and work all planes of the body to really benefit your over all fitness.
  4. They feed the need to chase perfection. What happens if you don’t keep up with it? You feel like a failure…or if you miss a day, now you are trying to play catch up and end up doing MORE squats because you are doubling up on days you missed – the numbers are already insanely high to being with, playing catch up is just going to lead to…
  5. Injury – oh wait…I already covered that in #3.

If you are looking to participate in a free fitness challenge, please be sure to sign up with someone who is a fitness professional – a certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, physical therapist, or someone with an exercise science or kinesiology degree – someone who knows the human body and how to safely and properly write programs. I run free challenges at least 3 times a year – to be the first to hear about when my next free challenge starts sign up for my email list here!

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