The Reason Fitness Pros Won’t DM You to Solicit Their Services

August 15, 2017

We’ve all been there – an old “friend” from high school sends us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram  – or better yet a complete stranger – first the small talk – then the outpouring of compliments – and then the bomb –

A real message I received

“Have you ever thought about becoming a beachbody coach? You’d be so good at it!”


“You should join my next challenge group!”

No – just stop.

Beachbody coach 1: “I had such great results using the program myself so that’s why I became a coach. I wanted to help others get the same results I did.”

A real message I received

Beachbody coach 2: “I wanted to make some extra money, and I love working out so I became a coach. I get paid to workout!” (Insert eye roll here)

Guess what? I taught my son how to count to 10 but I’m not going around calling myself a teacher and reaching out to friends seeing if they want me to tutor their kids now.

I know it sounds like I’m beating up on Beachbody – ok, well I guess I am. But here’s my point.

Those of us who have put in the long hours of studying and learning about the body and how it works, earning CEUs year after year to make sure we stay up to date on best practices – we don’t HAVE to solicit and blindly reach out to “old friends” and strangers.


Because our income doesn’t depend on whether we sell a “challenge pack” or monthly Shakeology autoship.

Our purpose truly IS to help people – educate people – share helpful information and attract our tribe. People find US.

A real message I received

Some people take the free info we share and run with it and get great results on their own – while others need more – so they hire us.

There are millions of fitness professionals out there – did you ever notice that some of those people annoy the hell out of you while others you can’t get enough of and you follow them on every social media platform, subscribe to all of their emails, read their blogs, and visit their YouTube channels?

There’s a place for everyone. You just have to find “your person.”

Maybe you are someone who LOVES doing workout videos at home. Well then, guess what? Beachbody might be your thing!


Maybe you love running-

Maybe you want to get stronger –

Maybe you want to lose weight-

Maybe you want a fitness professional who is a mom or a runner or strength & conditioning coach.

The most important thing is finding someone who gets you – who speaks your language – who makes you say, “OMG – Me too!”

That might be me – or that might not be me. In any case, you’ll know when you find the right fitness professional for you – and when you do find them – great things will happen for you!

If you like focusing on the positive – focusing on what your body is capable of – if you’d rather be strong than skinny – join my tribe!

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