What Pregnancy is Not

February 26, 2017

Whether it’s your first time or fourth time being pregnant, hormones can really take a toll. From mood swings to cravings to other weird and unusual things happening to our bodies – it’s sometimes a challenging place to be. It is a wonderful miracle, for sure, but fit mommas, please take into consideration the following:

Pregnancy is not the time to punish ourselves for eating too much or eating the “wrong things.” Yes, we only need to increase our caloric intake by 300 calories, but if we happen to go over that (because lets be honest actually counting calories is daunting and stresses us out, right?) don’t fret. No, we don’t need to go “burn it off” at the gym.

Speaking of the gym – Pregnancy is not the time to try and set new PRs in our lifts. Yes, we CAN continue to workout and lift weights – yes we CAN even lift pretty heavy – but remember we have a baby growing inside of us – there are a lot of new stresses put on our bodies, both mentally and physically, not to mention the increased hormone “relaxin” which is needed to help our bodies change and adjust for the growing baby and allow our pelvis to move for childbirth – but it also makes our joints and ligaments loose and less stable which can cause us to feel less balanced and at an increased risk for injury. Loose joints isn’t our only new issue but our center of gravity changes as our bellies grow.

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Pregnancy is also not the time to compare ourselves to other pregnant moms – not every pregnancy is the same – not everyone shares the same genetics – so if we are only 3 months pregnant but look 6 months pregnant and “Insta-mom” who we follow on Social Media is 6 months pregnant but only looks 3 months – SO WHAT! Pregnancy isn’t a physique competition – so if we find ourselves comparing to other moms we vow to stay off of social media!

Pregnancy is a time for us to get to know our bodies. It is a time to tap into our emotions (that we might otherwise suppress) because even if we don’t want to,
we will cry – and it will be over silly things – and it’s ok.

Pregnancy is also a time to connect with our partner – to open up and communicate and include them in the process.

Pregnancy is a great time to make new friends – other ladies who are going through the same thing – we all understand the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having that support team is priceless!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride because pregnancy is definitely an adventure, and sometimes even with the best “directions” we get lost. Have no fear, the final destination is worth the detours to get there!

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