2 weeks Postpartum and 2lbs Below Pre-pregnancy weight – What's the Secret?

February 13, 2017

I said to my husband the other day, “I don’t know if it’s just because I had a big belly for so long, or what. But, pregnancy makes me really skinny afterwards.”

It’s true. The same thing happened after my son was born. Not just do I lose my belly because the baby is now out vs. in – but even my legs and arms are smaller. 

Now, before you roll your eyes so hard they pop out of your head or gather the townspeople with your pitch forks and fire to crucify me, hear me out.

The secret to getting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans in 2 weeks is that THERE IS NO SECRET. Are there things you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and faster postpartum recovery? Yes. Does that mean everyone is going to have the same experience? No. 

And let’s be clear – just because I am under pre-pregnancy weight and back in normal clothes doesn’t mean I am “healed” from pregnancy. I don’t have a “6 pack” (didn’t have that before anyway) and my stomach is still mushy. My body doesn’t look the same, even though the number on the scale says I weigh less than before. The number on the scale or the clothes you are able to wear again is NOT an indication of anything….just like when you are not pregnant. The number on the scale and on the tag in your jeans means nothing except your “body’s relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it.”

There are many reasons why some people take longer to “bounce back” to their pre baby bodies – some reasons of which might be out of your control. For instance, if you are considered a high risk pregnancy and your doctor puts you on bed rest – you must REST – if you end up having a c-section you will likely retain more fluids and carry around more weight post delivery. If you got pregnant and were already 10lbs, 15lbs, or more over weight you most likely won’t get back into those “skinny” jeans right away. 

Now let’s talk about what you CAN do in a effort to have a “quick” postpartum recovery:

1) If you are planning to become pregnant, it is a good idea (before conception) to get yourself to a healthy weight for your body – in other words a number your body feels most comfortable at and is easy to maintain without calorie restriction. (That number will be different for everyone based on what body type you have.)

2) Get into a regular workout routine, before getting pregnant, so you can get your body used to exercise so you can continue to workout at a fairly good intensity through out pregnancy (of course sometimes there will be exceptions and always make sure your doctor clears you first)

3) Eat as balanced a diet as you can during pregnancy. This one is easier said than done since there are often cravings or food aversions due to our hormones. Try your best not to gain over the 30 pounds additional that is recommended during pregnancy (this is the general “rule” for a single pregnancy; not if you are carrying multiples.) 

And finally, just remember – it’s not a race on getting your body back to pre-pregnancy shape. Your baby won’t care if you can fit back into your size “whatever” jeans – so, take the time to properly heal your body, practice self care and give your baby the attention he/she needs right now. 

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