How Amazon Prime, Pantry, Fresh, and Subscribe & Save Changed my Life!

February 6, 2017

As a recent mom of two, the idea of packing up and newborn and toddler and trekking out to the store alone for a few essentials, like diapers or bananas – scares me. I’m sure I can’t remain homebound forever…but until then, there’s Amazon…and I am in love!

It all started a few years ago with Amazon Prime. Someone recommended the service to us and we thought we’d give it a try. For just $99 a year you can benefit by getting free 2 day shipping on hundreds of items! We have used this for everything from household items to unique/specialty items, to full blown Christmas shopping (that’s right, no lines, parking, or nasty people to deal with at the mall!) 

Prime also come with tons of movies and videos, sort of like Netflix -and with a toddler who watches Sesame Street on loop this is a lifesaver! We use this app on our Roku everyday – and if it buys me 20 minutes of sanity, that could be the difference between this mom losing her sh*t and remaining calm!

Then my sister told me about this amazing thing on Amazon called Subscribe & Save. GAME CHANGER! In our house we are creatures of habit. We like what we like and very rarely switch or try new or different brands. This actually makes shopping pretty easy for us since we get literally the same stuff ALL – THE – TIME. I have a number of items in my Subscribe & Save account shipped to me either monthly, every other month or quarterly including diapers, wipes, face wash, face lotion, dishwasher soap, etc. I researched my items to price compare first and many are the same or cheaper than from Walmart – and I DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOUSE!

Amazon Pantry is also great for items I just need once in a while or can’t get on Subscribe & Save. There is a $5.99 flat delivery fee – however if you add 5 “qualifying” pantry items to your box you can avoid that $5.99 and get free shipping. This is the option I go with, so I make sure I go around the house making note of what we need or will be running out of shortly so I’m not just buying random stuff to avoid the $5.99 fee. 

Finally, and the most fun is Amazon Fresh! (I learned that this service isn’t offered in all areas so check your zip code) I am soooo thankful for this service. It’s sort of like “pea pod” or other grocery delivery services, where fresh food is delivered right to your front door. The first 30 days are free and then the service is $14.99 a month after that…and as long as you spend more than $40 you don’t incur any additional shipping fees. ($40 is sooo easy to do anyway.) I placed my first order at 10am on a Thursday and had it on my door step by 9am the next day! You can get fresh fruit, veggies, meats, eggs, dairy, shelf stable items and frozen items. It’s not just limited to food either, you can get household items as well! My biggest reason why I haven’t tried the at home grocery delivery service before was because I wanted to pick out my own produce and meats – but everything came perfect! For some, the $14.99 monthly fee may seem excessive, but if it allows me to avoid possible meltdowns in the middle of a shopping trip with my newborn and toddler,I will gladly pay that. 

Have you subscribed to any of these services? What do you think? How was your experience?

*Disclaimer: I have included my referral link to Amazon. You receive $5 off your first order using the Amazon App and I receive $5 for every person who places an order using my link. All experiences and opinions above are my own and were not influenced by this referral reimbursement

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