If you Feel Like a Hypocrite Most of the Time, You're Probably a Mom

February 4, 2017

Mom life – it’s funny how it changes you – but don’t worry it’s definitely for the better…(ok, usually for the better)

Before becoming a mom (or even thinking about it) I was focused on trying to achieve and maintain the “perfect physique.” Sometime in my early to mid 20’s I was training to compete for figure and fitness competitions. I stalked fitness pros online, subscribed to Oxygen magazine, and avoided bread because…well, carbs! I bought into the whole supplement stacking by consuming fat burners and high caffeine products, all in the name of vanity. 

Recently one of the moms in the Fit Mom Strong Mom Ambassador Facebook group asked everyone what they consumed before their morning workouts with a poll including coffee, green tea, and other. I answered “black coffee” and another mom chimed in saying black coffee makes her angry…she loves her creamer. It’s funny because I never used creamer or sugar in my coffee – in fact I actually enjoy black coffee. What I used to consume were those awful canned energy drinks filled with who knows what! My husband tried to convince me for years to stop drinking that crap but I just loved them so much – it wasn’t until we wanted to try getting pregnant that I finally listened. So I made the switch to black coffee and never looked back. 

I think back to the ridiculous amount of money spent on fat burners and caffeine supplements and all of the energy drinks I consumed and now think, “Was I crazy!?” 

I would never even consider taking stackers or ever drinking another drop of an energy drink now! A lot has changed in the last 10 years – from my philosophy on how to best train to get an athletic physique to what kinds of foods to eat. I used to feel embarrassed about how I used to do things – but you know what? It just means I have grown as a person, I have learned better ways to do things, I’ve become more educated and stopped believing the ads and marketing behind products that promised results that, honestly, you could probably achieve with the right nutrition and training plan. 

So, moms if you ever used to do things one way and now you do them differently – don’t feel like a hypocrite. Give yourself a pat on the back for evolving into the person you were meant to be. Because guess what? 10 years from now you might change again…and that’s ok. 

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  • Krissi Brown February 17, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    This is so inspiring! I got tired of ferling lousy and started ready labels. That is when I finally threw in the towel and started from “scratch” literally. I use whole foods in their most natural state and build my meals from there. I eliminated meat and fish and put my energy into creative ways to get plant protein into my diet.
    The reward is being off all western medications and dropping 50+ lbs without any effort.