Simplest Way to Eat Sardines

November 29, 2016

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Mind, Body & Wellness Team Blogger, Strong Momma Lauren

Whenever I mention sardines to others they usually make an “icky” face. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t eat sardines in general or as often as they should – they are a nutrition powerhouse! I began eating sardines years ago after being diagnosed with osteopenia, when I learned how beneficial they were to bone health (because sardines actually contain edible bones). sardines

Did you know that sardines are:
• loaded with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and potassium
• low on the oceanic food chain which means they contain low levels of mercury or other toxins
• sustainably fished meaning that they’re abundant in our oceans!
• easy (and affordable) to keep in your pantry or desk drawer (or travel with for a nutritious add on item to a salad while you’re on the go) for when you need a healthy meal in a pinch

I keep Wild Planet‘s sardine cans (packed in water) in my pantry at all times and love adding them to my salads – just simply sardines, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, sea salt & pepper will do! Another favorite of mine is making sardine sushi. But lately, after being inspired by a fellow health foodie on Instagram, I was inspired to eat them this way: tortilla chip dipped in guacamole with a chunk of sardine on top. YUM! By far the easiest and most delicious way to get them down. I highly recommend eating more sardines for their deliciousness but more importantly for their nutrition. =)

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