Meet November's Ambassador of the Month – Jenna

November 26, 2016

November’s Ambassador of the Month is…..Jenna! Jenna is a new mom to an adorable baby girl and has been a true inspiration for moms-to-be and postpartum moms. She doesn’t just preach a healthy lifestyle, she actually lives it (which can be hard as a brand new mom!) Her inspiring posts and positivity is exactly what we look for in an Ambassador!

We wanted to find out more about what makes this inspiring fit mom tick!


FMSM: What is your favorite exercise? Favorite body part to train? jenna1

Jenna: My favorite body part to train is my shoulders and legs..specifically together! Squat to shoulder press, Deadlift to upright row, Curtsy squat to a lateral raise…it really gets your heart rate up and burns out your muscles! Plus, working more than one muscle at a time is exactly what moms need to get a beneficial workout In less time!

FMSM: Favorite workout gear/clothes/brands?

Jenna: To be honest, I am not a “lululemon everything” kind my trainer. I love going to Marshals and TJ Maxx for my workout clothes, (Reebok, Under Armor, Adidas) as well as Kohls and Forever 21. Carrie Underwoods line “Calia” is awesome, and I do love Athleta, which is a pricer option. I have many jackets, workout pants and sports bras from them. 

FMSM: Favorite go-to healthy meal? Favorite treat/snack/dessert?

fullsizerender-11Jenna: My favorite go-to healthy meal is a protein shake made with my favorite vegan protein and Greens Blend. I know that I’m getting a ton of nutrition and fueling my body with the best ingredients possible. I make my shakes with 1 1/2 cups of water, 1 scoop of my chocolate or vanilla protein, and 1 scoop of Greens Blend. Sometimes I also add a frozen banana for extra creaminess. Both protein and Greens Blend can be found at fitspiritfuel.com!


FMSM: What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome as a fit mom?

Jesse: As a new mom, one of the biggest challenges that I face is time! Before kids, we are so used to getting up and going without a care in the world. But now, my schedule revolves around my daughter and her mood. I love HIIT workouts because I can get the same results in 30 minutes that I would in an hour. 

FMSM: What is your next big fitness goal in the next year?

Jenna: My next fitness goal in the coming year is to expand my personal training business, group exercise classes, and help others through my website fitwithjennadecicco.com


~ 40 Weeks Pregnant ~

Advice/Hot Topics

FMSM: Some people still don’t understand why it’s ok for some women to continue to exercise at a high level more than other women during pregnancy – what do you have to say to those people and what do you have to say to the moms-to-be who want to keep exercising, but are getting push back from loved ones? 

Jenna: I get so frustrated when I see women cancel a gym membership or stop fitness all together once they find out they are pregnant. If you are given the ok by your doctor, and have a low risk pregnancy, you can maintain your fitness routine, which is different for everyone. My body was used to High intensity exercise, so I continued to jump around and workout right up until the morning I went into labor at 40 weeks. I believe that you should do your own research and trust in your body. Family, friends, and even doctors may have an old school mentality when it comes to exercising while pregnant, so get knowledgeable. I KNOW that my natural delivery and postpartum recovery was easier than most because my body was strong and ready. Take prenatal fitness classes, keep lifting those weights, and go for walks if you’re not used to exercise. Figure out where you were at before getting pregnant, and use that as your starting point. 


~ 2 Weeks Postpartum ~

FMSM: What advice do you have for newly postpartum moms who feel alone and without an identity, besides being “just mom”? What do you suggest they do to still have “me” time and pursue any goal.

Jenna: Me time is so important when you have a new baby. Even just taking an hour for yourself everyday is a mental restart and a break from being “mom”. Go for a run, get your hair done, go for dinner with friends. Gather a team, whether it’s your husband and family, or a friends and babysitter to have on hand when you need to get away.

Just because you had a baby doesn’t mean that you have to disappear. During nap time, keep working towards your goals. Bring baby with you while you do errands, go for a hike, or get your nails done. If people get mad when your baby starts to cry, just ignore them. Have no apologies and get out there! 

It’s also Important to have date nights with your spouse. Go out for a meal, see a play, or put the baby to bed and have a romantic dinner at home. Maintaining some normalcy will make this new lifestyle easier for everyone.

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