Playground Workout

November 10, 2016

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Exercise doesn’t have to be mundane, mulling away on the treadmill. Or a compromise from your family. What better way to get a workout in while keeping an eye on your toddler, AND enjoying the warm weather than to use the playground!

This ascending ladder uses the monkey bars and can be modified as needed-

*5 Pull-Ups (strict, kipping, jumping or assisted using the ladder/step as needed)
*10 Push-Ups (on the ground, incline or decline)
*15 Squats (assisted, regular or plyometric)
*20 Knees-to-elbows (or knees-to-chest or toes-to-bar)
*25 Tricep Dips (legs close, extended, or on one leg)
*30 Toe Taps (or plyo lunges)

Repeat! Complete as many rounds as possible in playtime.

More workouts like this at littlebitoffitness.org

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