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October 29, 2016

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Disclaimer:  Each individual’s dietary needs and restrictions are unique to the individual. Information, tips and meal plans will be provided to the best of my ability. YOU are ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to your health. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns.

After my daughter was born in 2014 I made a commitment to do my best to be healthy but let’s get real – weight loss and feeling GOOD in your own skin is just as big of a motivator. I started out with some at home workouts and shakes twice a day and while it worked for a while I found myself bored, hungry and not losing any more weight. I was stuck. I felt frustrated by myself and by the methods of which I was using to try and lose weight. As I struggled to figure out what I could change – I decided to pick a copy of the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I had long considered trying paleo but was intimidated but the amount of work that meal-prepping seemed to be. The book was life changing. I did the 30-day paleo eating program and was completely hooked – not only by eating REAL food, but by the way I was feeling. It was unlike any other diet or program I had ever been on.

It changed my entire perspective – that eating healthy didn’t revolve around lettuce and tofu – I was eating bacon burgers without the bun. I was enjoying food and for the first time – putting actual effort into cooking and planning. 

Fast-forward a few months to my first round of the Whole30 program aka the game-changer. In 30 days. I lost 10 lbs, 11 1/2 inches in total and two jean sizes. It eliminated my headaches, chest acne and random breakouts I definitely didn’t enjoy as a 29 year old. I couldn’t believe I had wasted so much timing with other methods that could never be long term.

But where is best to start? How do you take your step 1? Switching to paleo or a “Whole30” lifestyle can be a big change to those of you, like me, who haven’t really done anything like this before. Over the next few months I will be walking you through how to begin your meal prep, sharing tips, switching to Paleo and hopefully encouraging you to brave a Whole30 and join the revolution of food freedom.


Here are a few great starts to the next eating chapter in your life.

1) Read the book (or books.) I was very happy that I began with the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf because it set me up to eat healthy when I wasn’t being 100% strict to following Whole30. So read the book! And then pick up the Whole30 book because I swear you won’t regret it. I know in this day and age we can google and get a summary but these are two books I promise you will enjoy and feel empowered to make a healthy change.

2) Keep it Simple. You don’t have to do this alone or all at once! When people ask me “where do I start?” I always say take one step at a time. Maybe it would be too much for you to cut out dairy, grains and peanut butter all at once – I picked grains and went from there. Also, there are a ton of online blogs, Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts with ideas, planning tips and recipes for you to follow. There are also a number of Facebook Whole30 support groups that a great resources as well.

3. Do it with a friend. The first time I did a Whole30 my friend had started a few days prior and it was great to have someone who you could talk to and be supportive when everyone else thinks you’re on a “crazy diet.” Sure it might be tough to convince a friend to do it – but trust me, they’ll thank you!

4. Plan. This goes back to my first tip – read the books. They are excellent sources of meal plans, recipes and ways to go about changing how you want to eat. For the last year, my husband and I have spent about 2 hours every Sunday making breakfast, lunches and cutting up vegetables for the week. If we didn’t do this, we would never be the healthy eaters we are today. As the saying goes “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”

It starts with food. Being healthy and in-control starts with food. Experts always say weight loss and health starts in the kitchen and it’s amazing how true it is.

Needless to say I am changed forever. I hope you join me on my journey and I hope you find your own journey.

A lot of people think becoming a parent derails your goals about fitness and health but the truth is, because of my daughter, I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. And I will be sure she knows how she is my inspiration each and every day.

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