FMSM Olympics – Silver Winner – Sara

October 2, 2016

This past August Fit Mom Strong Mom ran an Olympic contest during the Games and ended up with our own Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners! As part of their prize pack these awesome moms were awarded a feature on each of them to be posted here on fitmomstrongmom.com! Next up, Strong Momma Sara!

fmsm-photo-1FMSM: What’s your favorite exercise? Favorite body part to train?

Sara: After trying many different things for working out – I must say that my absolute love is Crossfit. I have never enjoyed working out this much ever and I can’t imagine ever finding something else so fulfilling on so many levels. When I first started training my goal was to work on my arms. I definitely still enjoy seeing more definition – I must say I thoroughly enjoy working on my legs. Tis the season for dresses!

FMSM:Favorite workout gear/clothes/brands?

Sara: I will generally wear any tank top. As my husband says – I love wearing something with an inspirational saying (like my “strong is the new skinny” tank). I swear by Victoria Secret leggings & capris. As a mom, I prefer something that doesn’t move and has a high waist and these are absolutely fantastic. For my shoes, I wear Reebok Nanos 5. I have the American flag ones – they make me full very patriotic.

FMSM: Favorite go-to healthy meal? Favorite treat/snack/dessert?

Sara: My husband and I are strict meal preppers so lunch and breakfast are ALWAYS the same for us. It makes life super easy. I mix up dinner every single night which I think helps keep things fresh. Lately one of my favorite dinners is grilled chicken with tomatoes, avocados and topped with a balsamic glaze (always with zoodles). My favorite snack is apples & almond butter and I always have a Larabar with me. Those are my treats – I don’t eat refined sugar. I follow Whole30 guidelines for 99% of my eating.

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