Breaking Through YOUR Limitations and Excuses

October 1, 2016

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What is it that halts your commitment to your own well being, always finding excuses to skip your workouts or hit up the drive through/buy frozen dinners (high sodium alert) because of convenience?

Often times when we feel lost, we become stagnant. Instead of figuring out a way to change what isn’t working, we just keep complaining and ignoring the problem, making things worse and falling further and further down the rabbit hole. However, there will come a time when you suddenly FEEL the ignorance that you have bestowed upon yourself, having no choice but to change your habits and create better ones.

Here are some of the most common obstacles that we face when trying to start a FIT SPIRIT lifestyle!

Scheduling workouts and Lack of Energy


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I want to address the amount of coffee you are consuming.

Coffee is an oxymoron of energy. It gives you a temporary jolt, before leaving you as a confused, dehydrated and cranky toddler on need of a nap.

The only cure? More coffee! And by the end of the day, your body is so drained and tired that a workout is that last thing on your mind.

Funny how all of that coffee has left you exhausted!

Your body needs water to thrive, and a cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine, but it should never become a substitute. Before your morning cup, have a glass of warm water with lemon to help wake up your system and flush out the toxins. You should never wake up and have coffee before rehydrating after a nights sleep. On some mornings, have a green tea or make fresh juice, which also gives your body a natural boost of energy that does not results in a crash!

Not a big fan of juicing? Try this GREENS BLEND for an easy, on the go, and just as healthy option! I have a glass every morning and I am addicted.

Now, what’s most important here is to create a schedule that allows you to have enough sleep so that you feel somewhat energized, can make good food choices, complete your daily responsibilities, and get in your daily sweat. I know that life can get crazy, but taking 20 minutes on Sunday to figure out your weekly schedule will help you stick to it.

Write it all down, see what lies ahead of you, and feel prepared to own it! This includes meal prepping or creating your weekly dinner menu to help lessen your load.

If you work late hours, you may not want to wake up at 5am to workout, or if your day starts at 4am, a nighttime routine may seem impossible. You’re tired, and it feels like there is not enough time in the day to workout, right? Well..here’s the thing, we all have the same hours in a day, and it’s how we decide to spend those hours that will make the difference.

You found the time to sit and read this post, right? Go do some jumping jacks!

Don’t have time to workout for an hour 6 days a week? No problem! This is why HIIT traning is so incredible! I have a ton of workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. You should not feel like a prisoner to your fitness routine. Find what works for you, and realize that this is your time to better yourself. You will feel amazing afterwards, and proud that you made the decision to commit. Your family will also notice the difference in your sudden calm demeanor.

it’s amazing what a little punching bag can do!

Lastly, I know that it’s easy to choose the couch over a workout, or an indulgent dinner after work with friends instead of cooking your own healthy meal, but when this starts to become more of a habit, it’s important to make progress your first priority.

Before I make any impulse decisions, I always like to ask myself, “How am I going to feel after this? I could skip my workout and watch my recorded shows, but will I feel better afterwards? Or, “If I share this giant plate of nachos, and bottle of wine, how will I feel physically tomorrow?”

Taking the time to think ahead is what nips those moments of weakness in the butt. Now this is not to say that you can’t have a social life, rest when your tired ( I love naps), or go out for ice cream with your husband. It’s about creating a lifestyle that allows you to make decisions that you are aware of, without feeling trapped in a constant hamster wheel of guilt.

Finding Motivation and a Place to Start


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Whether you are a beginner, or just in a fitness rut, we all get to a point where we need a little extra motivation and boost. If you have been doing the same routine for a while, such as spin classes or treadmill runs, it’s time to change things up! If you are beginner, bring a friend for support or talk with a trainer who can help get you started. Also, don’t be afraid to try different workouts!

Love to dance? Try POUND, PILOXING, or ZUMBA.

Love to kickbox? Find a boxing center that puts you through drills and plyometrics.

Need to strength train? Take a body toning class such as BARRE, BODYPUMP, or any type of resistance class to build lean, strong muscles.

Can’t seem to wind down? YOGA and PILATES are an amazing way to align the mind and body.

A simple addition and shift to your routine can recharge your battery and bring the excitement back to your daily sweats. You will also figure out what you don’t like, which is just as important.

Allowing “Limitations” to Stop All Progress (injuries, emotional stress, time, lifestyle circumstances)

We all love excuses. Why is that? It’s as if we get to pull a sick card and not feel guilty about it.

Well, that may work for a while, until you start to see the repercussions such as muscle loss, decreased endurance and weight gain.

A sudden change may limit what we were previously capable of doing, but that does not mean we stop all together.

If you experience an injury, there are still ways around preventing weight gain and staying active. Remember that it’s 80% food, 20% fitness in regards to physique. Do not have an all or nothing attitude, completely giving up you lifestyle in place of sulking and feeling bad for yourself.

You are only limited by what you allow yourself to limited by.

If you have a hurt foot, boxing is a great way to still get in cardio, and a broken arm does not also mean broken legs. Walk on the treadmill, do lower body exercises, and stay moving!

New baby? At home workouts and daily walks are perfect for you! Or, find a studio/gym with a daycare that you are comfortable with. It’s easy to feel trapped when another life is suddenly running the show, but you must remember that you’re mental and physical health is still important.

Emotionally drained?…you can decide to change that at any moment. You are in charge of how you allow yourself to feel, even during the times it may not feel that way. Pull yourself away from what is causing you stress and immerse yourself in something that makes you feel better. Even just 30 minutes of peace in a bubble bath help you feel recharged.

Sometimes a peaceful bath trumps a workouts.

Money issues? There are endless amounts of free workouts, healthy recipes, and so much more right at your fingertips…literally, GOOGLE IT. You don’t have to spend money at a gym and on a huge grocery bill. This goes back to figuring out your schedule, your finances, YOUR situation, and taking control of it.


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Choosing foods that make us feel better on the inside, and look better on the outside.

Read those labels! What is in your food, and what are you feeding your family? Get rid of the frozen dinners, processed foods, and sugary soft drinks. Get educated on what you are putting into your body!

I know you’re aware that vegetables are better than french fries, water with lemon is better than soda, and fruit is better than candy, but it is up to you to decide to put this information to use! I understand that life can get busy, so supplements also help if used along with a healthy diet.


Need more help? Find a nutritionist in your area to help get you started, and begin to google healthy recipes online! There are endless sites that give step by step instructions on how to create a delicious, healthy and satisfying meal for you and your family.

See my FIT RECIPES page for some of my own recipes!

Remember that your mind believes the things that you tell it.

Imagine yourself as a small child making poor decisions. Would you look at little you and say, “You’re so fat! You’re so useless! You’re so weak!”? Then why speak that way to yourself now? That is not tough love, that is bullying you in your own home.

Instead of talking down to yourself, sit and figure out how to change what is making you feel this way. What choices are you making that have led you to this point? Then decide to make the change. You should never be the one to bully yourself. Be your own inspiration, no matter where you’re at.

*If you haven’t caught on yet, it all comes back to sitting down and meeting yourself where you are NOW in order to know your next move. Try my FIT SPIRIT MEDITATION to begin learning how to calm your mind, hear your thoughts, and see more clearly.

Guilty feelings stemming from kids, family, job stress.

The one thing you need to remember is that you cannot take care of your responsibilities if you are no longer here. Allowing feelings of guilt to control your life will leave you stressed, unhappy, and emotionally unstable.

It’s easy to become our role as mom, assistant, and caregiver, but that does not mean that you lose yourself in the process. You are not meant to do it all at once, and all on your own. It’s impossible. And what good are you if you’re constantly under stress?

Stop feeling guilty. You deserve time to yourself, which in turn, will benefit everyone around you. There is nothing wrong with saying “NO.”

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