FMSM Olympics – Gold Winner – Danielle

September 30, 2016

img_4297This past August Fit Mom Strong Mom ran an Olympic contest during the Games and ended up with our own Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners! As part of their prize pack these awesome moms were awarded a feature on each of them to be posted here on fitmomstrongmom.com! First up, Strong Momma Danielle!


FMSM: What’s your favorite exercise? Favorite body part to train?

Danielle: I love burpees and any variation of them, I incorporate them into all the classes I teach somehow! My favorite body part to train is legs!

FMSM: Favorite workout gear/clothes/brands?

Danielle: I love Brooks running sneakers, ghosts to be exact. As for clothes, I like under armor & old navy! I love anything that has a good quote on it..one of my favorite shirts is from a couple that takes my HIIT class, it says “Last Set, Best Set” – they got it for me as a thank you for getting ready for their wedding!

FMSM: Favorite go-to healthy meal? Favorite treat/snack/dessert?

img_4311Danielle: I’m all about spaghetti squash these days, I put chicken or ground turkey usually to make a chicken parm or lasagna. Love almonds & fro yo!


FMSM: What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome as a fit mom?

Danielle: Listening to my body when I’m exhausted! My first pregnancy my daughter wasn’t the best sleeper in the beginning, I got pretty run down and still tried to push through my same workout routines when I was cleared, plus work from home until my 12 week maternity leave was over. Don’t try to be a hero, listen to your body or else it’s going to resent you and shut down when you need it the most!

FMSM: What is your next big fitness goal in the next year?

Danielle: A Half marathon this Sunday! I’d love to beat my time from last year. Also, signing up for my first triathlon. I would like to accomplish more individualized fitness goals in the future. I’ll still do the team Tough Mudders & other obstacle course races, love those! I recently formed my own company Bridge The Gap Workouts, LLC so I guess you could say making sure it is a successful business is definitely a fitness goal of mine as well!

Advice/Hot Topicsimg_8130

FMSM: Some ladies still run well into the 3rd trimester while others continue to do crossfit. What are your thoughts on staying active during pregnancy?

Danielle: Highly recommend it! I don’t know any other way! I stayed active with both of my pregnancies & had a problem-free pregnancy & “easy” labor and I truly believe that it’s because I kept up with my workout routine (with modifications when needed!) I do understand with some moms to be they are told to stop physical activity for health reasons, but those who are not, keep it up! You’ll thank yourself in the future.

FMSM: As a new mom of 2 what advice do you have for moms who want to get fit and exercise postpartum but are having a hard time finding time? How to balance life, exercise, work, and being a mom?

img_5521Danielle: Make it a priority! If you’re unhappy with yourself it is going to effect all other aspects of your life. Even if you break up a half hour workout into three 10 minutes sessions throughout the day, you’re doing something! Involve your children, my daughter, who is 3 now, is my biggest accountability buddy at home! We do squats, push-ups, burpees, etc. in the living room because she wants to. Also, having a good support system from my husband is huge! Thankfully my husband is into fitness and a healthy lifestyle just as much as I am, but not all couples are that way. If not, sit down with your other half and explain the importance of getting back to a place where you want to be physically!

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