Ballerina Turned Mom Uses Passion for Dance to Create at Home Fitness Program

February 29, 2016

Once you become a mom it’s possible that you may struggle with your identity. Things you were once passionate for prior to baby take a backseat to the daily tasks of diaper changing, feedings, playdates, etc. You may wonder, is this it? Am I “Just Mom” now? Well, I can tell you with confidence…NO! While motherhood does change you, you most certainly can get back to the things you love after having a baby, it just may take you a little while to figure out how.

Meet Melissa. Ballerina turned mom had always had a passion for dance and fitness, but was now a new mom staying at home with her adorable little princess. She thought, there’s got to be a way I can still live my passion of ballet while being in this new lifelong leading role, as mom. We sat down with her to find out more about her at home fitness program she calls, Ballet Body Bootcamp.12767492_10103988429601961_223882297_n-2

FMSM: Melissa, can you tell our readers a little about you and how you got into fitness?

Melissa: I have been active for as long a I can remember. I started taking ballet at age 4, dabbled in gymnastics around age 7, and have been in love with ballet ever since. In my 20’s I also got into running which led to doing other workouts as well: weightlifting, PiYo, and other home workout programs.

FMSM: How/When/Where were you when you came up with the idea for Ballet Body Bootcamp?

Melissa: I came up with the idea for Ballet Body Bootcamp when meeting with my business mentor. Because ballet truly defines me but I also enjoy fitness, she helped me see that I could create a bootcamp that combines the two into one cohesive program. I jumped at the idea, and the rest is history!

FMSM: Who is this program for? If someone never took ballet will they still be able to follow the program?

Melissa: This program is for everyone. Even if you’ve never taken ballet before, you can still be successful. I have videos that explain each ballet move (and even the non-ballet ones) to help you understand not just how to do the move but also understand exactly which muscles you should feel working. If you’re a ballet veteran, you’ll enjoy working on your technique while also working parts of the body that you don’t always work in ballet class.

12596068_10103988429596971_1957439776_nFMSM: Can you give an example/sample of what a workout might look like?

Melissa: You can get a free sample workout from my website www.melissakolbeck.com by entering your email when prompted by the pop up. If you don’t see the pop up, clear your cookies or use a different browser!

FMSM: Is this strictly a workout program, or does a nutrition plan go along with it?

Melissa: I have a basic nutrition plan that I provide to clients. I’m not one to tell people they can’t eat things they love. I’m very much about moderation. If you are selecting clean, wholesome foods, that’s what is important. I require clients to track their food using the My Fitness Pal app in order to assess portion sizes.

FMSM: Do you have any testimonials of clients you can share about their results?

Melissa: Sure! “Ballet Body Bootcamp was exactly the fun, motivating workout I needed to jumpstart my self care. I enjoyed being able to do the workouts at times and locations that worked for me (from my kitchen to a hotel room). I’ve always wanted to dance, and Melissa’s sequences were a fun way to nourish that part of me. The meal recommendations were thoughtful and realistic, and I learned valuable lessons in portion control and moderation. Finally, the daily check-ins not only kept me honest, but helped me feel like the steps I was taking by doing this simple Bootcamp were important and should be celebrated! I loved it so much, I’m doing it again. I hope to take the basics I’m learning here, and apply myself in a real ballet class someday soon!” ~ Chelsea B

FMSM: Where can one go to get more information about Ballet Body Boot Camp or sign up?12443222_10103988430016131_2053981489_n

Melissa: Get more information and sign up at www.melissakolbeck.com/balletbodybootcamp

FMSM: Thanks, Melissa! Good luck with your program!


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