One Mom’s Journey to Fit Inspires her to Write “The Fit Mom Project”

August 24, 2015

e61783_7571ce5f83a0408699141eaa7cd6948f.jpg_srz_p_434_593_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIt’s no secret that women have to battle criticism constantly…too fat, too skinny, ugly without makeup, has cellulite, stretch marks, saggy skin…and that’s just in her own head…add social media to the mix and the criticism is times 10. Fit Mom Strong Mom is all about supporting women…moms, especially, feel proud about their pre, pregnant, and postpartum bodies. We want to be a place women can come for information, motivation, and support. We had the pleasure of meeting, Strong Momma Heidi, of Reclaim the Fit Mom. Heidi’s mission is the same as ours, so it was only natural that we share her story! In an attempt to document her journey to getting fit after pregnancy, this mom spends 465 days tracking her ups and downs in a humorous investigation into fitness and motherhood. The result? The Fit Mom Project. [Read More]

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