A Day in the Life – Mom of 7 Shares How Her Family Stays Active and Fit

August 17, 2015

IMG_8656Before having kids (or even just 1 kid) life is pretty much “do what you want when you want.” If you want to go to spin class you just go…you want to sign up for that marathon knowing you are going to have to train more months, no problem! Been dying to go on that yoga retreat with your studio? Sign me up! This is NOT saying that once you become a mom you have to give up all of these things…it just means you have to plan accordingly and schedule things in advance…doing things “on a whim” doesn’t happen too much when it comes to doing things for ourselves. (“Sorry, kids! Can’t help with homework and I can’t cook dinner tonight because I’ve decided to go to this random Zumba class tonight.”) Fit Mom Strong Mom had the pleasure of featuring Strong Momma, Amy, mother of 7. We asked her if she would be willing to share a Day in the Life with us – what’s it like to have 7 kids and still be able to make fitness a priority. She was happy to share! [Read More]

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