From Overweight and Embarrassed to Fit and Confident – One Mom’s Journey to getting Healthy in Her 40’s

July 4, 2015

11694042_10205941561010679_1261942554_nMy name is Michele and I am a mom of 3 with my own wood craft business. I’ve spent the majority of my life overweight. Just like everyone else I said “tomorrow I am going to start a diet” but when tomorrow came I said “I’ll wait another day.” A few times throughout my life I did actually start that diet and was often successful for a short period of time and would lose a significant amount of weight. I always joined Weight Watchers and the accountability of having to get on that scale weekly made me stick to it. The minute the scale stopped moving frustration would set in and I would say to myself that this is no longer worth paying for and stop going. Then slowly the weight came back and every time I gained more then I originally lost because my frustration turned into eating chocolate….lots and lots of chocolate. I convinced myself that I was ok with being overweight and didn’t care if people judged me. Every time I went to the Doctor I put my back to the scale because I didn’t want to even know. My blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar were always good so I told myself I had nothing to worry about and ignored the doctors comments. Once I had children in my mind that gave me a legitimate reason to say I don’t have time to exercise because I’m so busy taking care of them. I convinced myself I was who I was supposed to be, to old to change and I was happy…I WAS WRONG! [Read More]

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