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Product Review – Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder by Momsanity

July 30, 2018

Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for Momsanity and receive a commission for products sold through my affiliate links. I have not been paid money for writing this blog post; however I have received free product in exchange for an honest review of the Dutch Chocolate protein powder.


Momsanity the Brand

Momsanity is a health and fitness company focused on providing products, services and support for moms. Started by the “Momsanity Sisters” Debbie and Emily, this dynamic duo partners with fellow fitness professionals, such as myself, who share the same passion for helping moms to remain “sane” during motherhood while practicing realistic health and fitness routines.


I was approached by Momsanity almost a year ago to partner with them as an Ambassador and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. The products have been amazing (as in I use them myself and feel comfortable recommending them to my community) but the support and comradery from Deb and Emily as well as the other Ambassadors has been so positive and motivating.

Momsanity Products

I must start by saying just because the company is called “Momsanity” and the product I am reviewing here is called “Mom Fuel” doesn’t mean it’s *only* for moms. All of the Momsanity products can be used by anyone – it’s just these products were created with mom in mind – clean, natural ingredients with no artificial colors or stimulants added.


First Impression of Dutch Chocolate 

I always get excited when packages come for me in the mail…even if I am expecting it …and even if I paid for it (it’s still exciting – I know you know the joy!)


Once opening the big bubble envelope it came in I noticed the protein canister’s branding matched that of the other Momsanity products making it easily recognizable. I love that they include a shake recipe right there on the container for you to try so you don’t have to rely on  just mixing it with water or milk.

Mom Fuel Smoothie Recipe

After taking off all the seals and top the VERY FIRST thing I thought was “Brownie Mix!” (I mean is IS called Dutch Chocolate after all!) Which made me all the more excited to try it! I like to have 2 flavors of protein powder on hand to give myself some variety- but chocolate is always my first choice.

Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder


I recently posted on my Facebook that one of the most asked questions to me over the last 10+ years as a personal trainer is “What kind of protein should I buy?” In which my response always has been (and still is) “You need to find one that works for you.”


Why do I say that? Because I have tried SO MANY brands over the past 10+ years and some worked well with my body while others…not so much.

Some tasted so yuck but did ok with digestion while others tasted AMAZING but wreaked havoc on my system.


Finding a protein powder with clean, quality ingredients is your first step in finding a good protein for you. Many of the cheaper protein powders you find in the big box stores are loaded with fillers, artificial sweeteners and use the term “proprietary blend” on the label (meaning the company doesn’t have to breakdown the individual ingredients and amounts included in the “blend” so you don’t really know *what* you are getting.)


If you have a dairy sensitivity or intolerance whey or any other milk based powders will probably give you issues. The alternative to whey and casein powders is plant based protein, which has become increasingly popular over the last few years.


With an influx of people trying the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, plant based powders allow them to still include good quality protein into their non-meat eating diet.


However; just because plant based is a great dairy alternative for your digestion, you still want to be careful with what they use as a sweetener. Most powders marketed towards women, or those interested in weight loss, tout low calories and low sugar. But, let’s be honest –  if protein powders didn’t taste good people wouldn’t buy them, so if you are buying a “chocolate” flavored powder don’t you expect it to be at least somewhat sweet?


Sugar has calories (4 per gram) so zero calorie – non sugar – sweeteners are often used inplace of the white stuff to give the powder it’s sweetness – but not all zero calorie sweeteners are created equal. Man made sweeteners such as Splenda, Aspartame, or sugar alcohols (Xylitol) have been known to come with some pretty uncomfortable side effects such as bloating and cramping. (I don’t care *how good* a protein powder tastes; if it causes me gastrointestinal distress it’s NOT for me!)


Momsanity’s Dutch Chocolate uses a combination of pea and brown rice protein as well as bovine collagen (which is great for hair, nails and muscles but disqualifies it as a vegan product.) The sweeteners used include Redwood Dutch Alkalized cocoa powder and stevia. You can see the full nutrition label and ingredient list here:

Nutrition Label

Now does this mean these ingredients will work 100% with YOUR body? Not necessarily, but it’s less likely to cause gastrointestinal issues for you. The only way to be sure is to try it out for yourself. (Side note: pea protein seems harmless however a fellow FMSM Ambassador has a pretty high intolerance to that and makes her ill. Every – Single – Body is different!)


I must also note that Momsanity takes safety very seriously and has taken their protein to be independently tested for heavy metals…and passed with flying colors. No mercury – no lead. You can feel confident consuming and sharing with your children!

Protein Shake safe for Kids


Since becoming a stay at home mom and having the ability to pull my blender out whenever I need it, my preferred choice is to make a smoothie to consume my protein powder. (My all time favorite recipe  is 8oz of unsweetened almond milk, ½ of a frozen banana, 1 TBS peanut butter, and 2 ice cubes – YUM!)


So the real test was to see how well the powder mixed in just a shaker bottle with a) water and b) milk.


The powder mixed well with both liquids – I did not notice any chunks after a few good aggressive shakes in my shaker bottle. I did prefer the mixture of milk and protein over that of just water and protein however if in a bind or when caught really short on time water would work just fine.


There was no weird aftertaste or (more importantly) bloating/cramping. I also did feel satiated and satisfied for a few hours after consumption even though it was only about 110-140 calories (depending on which liquid I used as a mixer.) This is important to know so that busy moms (or anyone) who has to eat on the fly or grab something quick as they are walking out the door – there is an option for quick nutrition and no need to skip a meal or snack.


My *personal* ratings are:

Blended Dutch Chocolate as a smoothie: A+

Dutch Chocolate Protein & Milk in a shaker cup: B+

Dutch Chocolate Protein & Water in a shaker cup: B-

Momsanity Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder

If you would like to try Momsanity’s Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder just click this link to shop 


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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Deb and Emily for giving me the opportunity to review the Dutch Chocolate Protein!


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